Interview of Gentleman Moderne

New week, new interview! This time, we welcome Quentin, from Gentleman Moderne (Lyon, France). Even though his blog is fairly recent, it’s been off to a very promising start, and already gathers nice communities on social media, and a faithful readership. Here, he shares his thoughts on his upcoming projects, and blogging in general.

Could you please introduce yourself and your project?
My name is Quentin, and I am 33 years old. I started blogging back in January 2013 when I created a cinema blog named For a year, I started of (and fell in love with) blogging! Still, I wanted to go further so I created a new blog called in November 2013, in order to cover a broader range of topics (fashion, beauty, culture, cinema, comics, books, high tech, girls, etc.), and reach out to more potential readers.

What was the toughest / most fun in the process?
I am very much of a big kid, very restless and impatient, and blogging is a lot like long distance running: the hardes for me was to be patient enough for my efforts to pay off! The nicest, on the other hand, was to growth an engaged community, to closely monitor my ever-increasing analytics software, to design the blog, to find people and companies to partner up with, etc. All of this is a lot of fun!

Did you experience a tipping point when developing your blog, from struggling to thriving?
Actually, I experienced a few. Back in January, I passed to one of the writers. I was hard to let it go, but also necessary to find the much-needed time to growth Another tipping point was leveraging sweepstakes to growth my community on social media. Last but not least, talking with other bloggers was clearly the best way to learn the tips and tricks that will help you grow. Fellow bloggers, be helpful to one another, this is the best way to achieve a thriving blogosphere. Thank you all for helping me, this is how I learned the most

What is your approach of monetization in general?
This is quite an unspeakable topic of conversation according to quite a few fellow bloggers. Some are clearly opposed to it, I am not. I believe it’s completely ok to monetize your blog as long as you follow certain rules. Most of all, keep the experience of your readers in mind: they hate intrusive advertising. Consequently, I don’t have pop-up ads, nor display ads in general, no matter where the user clics. On the other hand, I do accept sponsored posts on my blog, as long as the topic is relevant to my readership, and interesting.

What’s next for your blog?
I’d love to make a living out of my blog, but I know I’ll have to be real patient. On a different note, I have plenty of ideas, Including creating news categories. For example, I thought of doing interviews of specialised bloggers (video games, music, etc.) on a regular basis. Additionally, I’ve just launched a ‘sexo’ category, allowing the readers to ask questions to a specialist. At the moment, we are working with Angell Summers, former porn actress reconverted as an intimacy coach. I’m very thrilled, and looking forward to upcoming partnerships.

What does social media bring you in this blogging adventure?
Social Media allows bloggers to connect directly with their readers. It has become easier to leave a comment on facebook than on a blog. Either praise or criticism, it’s always a great way to improve what I do as a blogger.

What is the role of Google (and search engines in general)?
Google is God (as far as bloggers are concerned). Every night, I pray and I sacrifice various offerings on the altar. As of today, Google is my main traffic source. Therefore, I gladly comply to its guidelines, even though it can be quite frustrating at times.

What would you suggest/advise regarding a marketplace connecting advertisers and influencers like Upfluence?
I’ve tested several platforms, but Upfluence has a significant advantage : transparency. Bloggers can view each an every campaign and offer their own price. This is a huge ‘plus’ for us bloggers. On top of that, they are located close to where I work .. for once, important things in France are not happening in Paris.

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