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Let’s continue our interviews ! Today we are glad to welcome Miguel, founder of the blog lbosquejo. A blog where you can find precious fashion tips. You can’t miss it !

1. Hello Miguel, can you introduce yourself and your blog ?

My name is Miguel Paolo Celestial. I started my menswear blog way back in 2009, while I was still contributing articles for Manila and Hong Kong-based magazines. There was a time that I wrote about fashion shows, designers, and the latest trends, but my page has evolved more into a personal style diary.

2. What are your editorial habits ? (I write my own content, someone writes for me, someone proofreads me, I take my own pictures for the blog, I post a lot of videos ect…)

I write all the copy on my blog and take the pictures myself, except when I appear in them. I have long been thinking about publishing videos, but shyness has prevented me from doing so. But who knows?

3. How do you use social networks ? Which one do you prefer ?

Since my blog is mainly visual, content is primarily shared on Instagram (@lbosquejo). Though I also sometimes tweet (@lbosquejo) and share interesting links on the blog’s Facebook

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4. What are the meaningful moments of the development of the blog ?

I think, after all these years, my most-read posts are still the lengthy articles I wrote on my favorite designers, such as Martin Margiela. These days, even if I post less often, every entry is personal and meaningful to me.

5. What do you like the most about fashion?

People like to dismiss fashion as shallow and frivolous, but as a writer, I have found that it is all about one’s state of mind. I love how fashion can be used as a medium of personal expression.

6. Who’s your target ?

My readers can be anyone who has an interest in fashion, or my own personal life. I have found that my blog is mostly read by fashion enthusiasts, both young and experienced, from the US, Europe, and Asia.

7. Which are the most popular categories of your blog ?

The most popular categories are personal style and designer features.

8. Where do you find inspiration ?

I find inspiration not only from the things I read and watch, but also from my own surroundings. People inspire me.

9. A little message for Upfluence ?

No matter what happens, stay true to yourself.


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