Why we have to pay bloggers

I enjoy reading the posts of Linkedin influencers, especially when it deals with influencer marketing. Many articles have been written on this topic, but for the first time I came across an article written by a blogger: “Why we have to pay bloggers when we work with them” (in French). Here is my – adapted and personal – translation of Mrs Desneiges’ article:

Nowadays, blogs are essential when it comes to communication and more specifically when advertising a brand or a product. Most of the advertisers clearly understood that the investment ratio vs the ROI work in their favour.

However, when it comes to paying bloggers that offer them visibility with a blog article, an instagram photo or a Facebook status, most of them are reluctant to pay for it.

Here are 7 reasons why advertisers have to pay bloggers when they work with them:

  1. Because they are freelance (bloggers)

In essence, bloggers work freelance. They do not get any editor salary for their work and most of the time they do not receive any outcome from the reader that access their pages.

  1. Because bloggers have a real influence

Many brands use blogs in their communication strategy because advertising on a blog is cheaper. In addition, it gathers different objectives :

  • Branding and notoriety: When working with bloggers, brands increase their awareness.
  • SEO: A brand does not really exist if Google does not promote it in research results. Working with influencers is a good way to increase brand positioning through research results.
  • “Transformation” objectives: When influencers promote a brand, they quote it and add a link to the brand’s website. It drives more sales and increases the number of newsletter subscribers.
  1. Because figures are valuable

The number of subscribers on social networks is also an important aspect to consider. It’s a strong indicator of the blog notoriety. It is what the brand sees first before the photo quality or the the relevance of a text.

  1. Because bloggers are passionate about their job, but not only.

In the 2000’s, blogs were exclusively a hobby. In 2016, it would be simplistic to consider that blogs are only diaries. Bloggers are first passionate about their job and they want to share relevant content.

  1. Because bloggers create quality content

Bloggers are skillful in various areas; they manage texts, photos and videos. They also create relevant content for a brand, that would generate a cost of production.

  1. Because bloggers pay fees

Bloggers generate many fees. First, technical costs but also accommodation, domain name, backup of data, plugin updates, blogging platforms, development…

It also involves costs linked to the blog notoriety: the work of a designer to set articles online or the photos taken by a photographer. If the blogger does not know how to make videos, he/she also has to pay a director or a producer.

Other expenses need to be taken into account such as a computer and operational costs of a legal structure ad hoc etc.

  1. All work deserves to be rewarded

If you are a project manager or a press agent, how would you react if the work you produce was free? Would you find it fair that the company you work with would get an income from a work you produced freely ?

In addition, working with an influencer could be hard work especially when it comes to communication budgets. However, if the implementation of a digital strategy is expensive, it also has to be profitable for the bloggers.

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