Influencer Marketing for nonprofits
Cause Marketing and Advocacy Campaigns

Raise awareness and mobilize support for your causes with Influencer Marketing Campaigns for non-profit organizations.


At Upfluence, we help brands, causes, and charities to amplify their reach by identifying advocates and facilitating collaborations with thousands of social media influencers across the world. We are offering our services to local, national, and international cause marketing and advocacy organizations to launch influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Raise interest for your cause

_You need a creative, bold, approach to raising awareness for your cause and engaging audiences beyond your brand’s reach. Influencers can inspire their followers to take action, on and off social media.

 _Whether you’re focusing on fundraising goals, event attendance, or recruiting new volunteers, influencers can be a megaphone for your message!

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Spread the word

_Influencers can use their expert media skills to share your message with their loyal followers. Aligning with the right influencer for a cause that resonates, makes for a perfect partnership. 

 _Upfluence will find the influencers and audiences who are most relevant to your cause and match your mission.

Measure the impact

_By activating public figure partners; increased awareness, credibility, and fundraising opportunities are more achievable than ever before, making the impact of your campaign go far beyond likes and clicks!

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Unicef & WHO: Supporting over 800,000 parents during the COVID-19 pandemic through collaborations with 30 creators in just 4 weeks!

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