14 Campaigns That Prove the Power of Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Discover how Instagram influencer campaigns can put a powerful spin on brand promotion, product launches, and more.

Instagram is fast becoming a social media powerhouse, with countless brands using the popular photo-sharing platform to engage with their target audience, drive more brand awareness, and promote products and events.  While a paid Instagram advertising campaign has always been an ideal way to get in front of new customers, influencer marketing is really taking campaigns to a more advanced level.  When it comes to advertising, consumers have become far more discerning and prefer to turn to people that they trust before making a decision to purchase a product or service.

When Collective Bias surveyed 14,000 consumers in the U.S., it found that 70% of millennial consumers were swayed by the recommendations of their peers when making a purchase decision.  What is even more interesting is that 30% of these consumers were far more likely to make a purchase based on a recommendation from a non-celebrity blogger. This means that brands have a lot more options available to them when choosing Instagram influencers for their campaigns.

How to Find Influencers

The only way that your Instagram marketing campaigns are going to have an impact and generate an impressive ROI is if you’re working with the right Instagram influencers.

Navigating the influencer space can be time-consuming, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Once you do identify the influencers that you would potentially like to work with, the next step would be to match those influencer demographics with your target audience to ensure that they’re the right fit.  The process of finding the right Instagram influencers can actually be a lot more tricky if you don’t have the right audience software and social influencer analytics tools at your disposal.

Fortunately, there is software such as Upfluence that makes the process of finding and matching your brand to influencer follower demographics much quicker and easier, leaving you to focus on more important aspects such as your creative, content, and the overall vision for your campaigns.

14 Instagram Influencer Campaigns to Inspire You

Here are just a few examples of influencer marketing campaigns that have recently made an impact on Instagram.


  • Nescafé AZERA

Nescafé Coffee Instagram - Upfluence

To launch their latest line of coffee, AZERA Intenso Espresso, in the Swiss market, Nescafé partnered with 10 prominent food and lifestyle influencers in an effort to reach Instagram users who were interested in coffee, food, lifestyle, and fashion.

Two different campaigns were created to increase brand awareness, boost sales, and engage audiences who may view the brand as too commercial. The first campaign was an in-person barista workshop, while the second was a classic sampling campaign.

Instagram stories were used by influencers during the exclusive workshops to create a more intimate experience. Influencers were also asked to produce original recipes that incorporated the coffee.

The campaign generated over 650,000 impressions and more than 41,000 likes. The brand also received 212% more visibility than originally anticipated. You can download the full Nescafé AZERA case study for free here.


  • Bejeweled

Instagram - Upfluence - Bejeweled
Source: MSN Games

In an effort to encourage more people to download and play their game, the creators of the popular tile-matching puzzle game partnered with several influencers.

The first part of the campaign drew people in with YouTube videos that featured people and one of Instagram’s most well-known pups, Jiffpom, playing the game. The second half of the campaign saw influencers such as David Lopez and Koya Webb posting photos of themselves playing Bejeweled accompanied by the hashtag, #shinyplace.

The influencers encouraged their followers to follow suit, which is what lead to the game climbing 520 places in Apple’s chart of top-grossing US App Store apps in the space of a month.


  • Youfoodz Winter Menu

Instagram - Upfluence

When this Australian fresh food company wanted to launch their winter menu, they decided to get 81 influencers in the health, fitness, and food niches to assist them. By the end of the campaign, the influencers had produced 167 pieces of original content and over 162 Instagram stories, all of which showcased the brand’s new menu.

Using the latest Instagram analytics tools, Youfoodz showed that these unique and personal posts generated over 507,000 impressions and close to 70,000 engagements. Overall, the campaign reached over 1.5 million users across both Instagram and Facebook.


  • Hartley’s 10 Cal Jelly

Instagram - Upfluence
Source: hartleysfruit.co.uk

Hartley’s Fruit, a well-known jam and jelly brand in the UK, enlisted the help of 104 Instagram influencers to launch their new jelly to females between the ages of 25 and 34. Since the jelly only contains 10 calories, the brand knew that they had to reach out to women who were interested in health and fitness. They also decided to run the campaign in January to play on the idea of New Year’s resolutions.

Using the tagline, “Are you a #10CalAngel or a #DietDevil?”, Hartley’s sent their new jelly to diet and fitness influencers with over 10,000 followers. Of the influencers who received the package, 104 of them posted over 295 times, which not only doubled Hartley’s follower count on Instagram but generated 146% engagement rate.


  • Executive Skeleton Tourbillon by Ulysse Nardin

Upfluence - Instagram Campaigns

Using the Upfluence campaign manager tool, Ulysse Nardin successfully launched their new Executive Skeleton Tourbillon on Instagram. To speak to men between the ages of 30 and 65 who were interested in luxury gadgets and lifestyles, the brand partnered with several top influencers, renowned for their quality content.

After 3 weeks, the campaign had generated over 16 million impressions and a 41% engagement rate. Customers used the customized store locator over 8,000 times and saw an impressive boost in sales. To download the full Ulysse Nardin case study for free, click here.


  • Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro

Instagram - Upfluence

When Lenovo set out to launch the new YOGA 3 Pro, they knew they had to appeal to a very specific audience, which is why they approached CLEVER. This brand is associated with millennials who are passionate about sharing their days with yoga using unique content and videos.

Lenovo partnered with some of these influencers by asking them to use the YOGA 3 Pro as one of their go-to tools. The campaign managed to generate over 51 million impressions on social media, with the giveaway that accompanied the campaign receiving well over 61,000 entries in a matter of weeks.


  • Adidas Neo

Instagram Marketing - Upfluence

Along with using Selena Gomez to promote their Neo brand, Adidas also roped in their followers to spread the word about this new range. Using the #MyNeoShoot hashtag, Adidas followers were encouraged to create Adidas-inspired posts that would be entered into a competition. The top content creators were then invited to participate in a professional photo shoot that would later be used on the brand’s own Instagram channel.

With the help of one celebrity influencer and countless followers, Adidas was able to gain 41,000 new followers and 71,000 mentions of their custom hashtag.


  • Baxter of California

Instagram Marketing - Upfluence

To raise product awareness, grooming and skincare brand, Baxter of California, used Instagram influencers to promote their Father’s Day sale. Throughout the duration of the campaign, influencers contributed over 250 pieces of content that promoted these popular grooming products for men and how they would make the perfect gift on Father’s Day.

Not only did the campaign reach 8.3 million social media users but the predicted engagement rate was 648% higher.


  • Old Spice Dream Runner

Instagram Marketing - Upfluence

In an effort to promote their Hardest Working Collection and have a more prominent presence on social media, Old Spice created the Dream Runner campaign. Using an app that tracks runs and highlights routes, the brand encouraged people to create running routes in the shape of something they would like to win. These posts were then shared on social media using the hashtag, #runoldspice.

To spread the word about the campaign and increase its popularity, Old Spice partnered with health and fitness-focused influencers such as Kevin LaSean and Logan Paul. These influencer videos managed to generate over 2 million views and counting. Old Spice has also awarded over 50 prizes to followers who created posts on Instagram.


  • Perrier-Jouët Ibiza

Source: alexcaballerofotografia

In 2017, Perrier-Jouët decided to use Instagram influencers to promote a summer event that would not only create more brand awareness but establish Perrier-Jouët as the ultimate bottle of the night. With the help of Upfluence’s Instagram management tool and several key influencers, the brand reached out to men and women from the UK, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and France with a proven interest in fashion, nightlife, and champagne.

The brand managed to onboard over 53% more influencers than originally anticipated due to the attractiveness of the event, with each influencer having an average of 460,000 followers. The campaign generated over 3.9 million story views, 605,000 likes, and 4,500 comments. You can download the full case study for the Perrier-Jouët campaign here, for free.


  • Chanel No. 5 L’Eau

Instagram - Upfluence

What better way to promote their new perfume than by showing fans exactly what goes into the creation of each bottle of Chanel. Some of the world’s top fashion and beauty bloggers were invited to the South of France to experience Chanel’s flower fields and production facilities.

Using the hashtags, #newchanel5 and #chanelgrasse, the Instagram influencers were encouraged to document and share their journey with their followers to bring more awareness to Chanel’s latest addition. Not only were there over 1,600 pieces of content associated with the campaign but the custom hashtags generated just under 1 million likes within the first month.


  • ThredUP

Instagram - Upfluence

To drive more brand awareness and attract new customers, online thrift store, ThredUP, paired influencers and video content to create a campaign on Instagram. The campaign was rolled out just after the holiday season at a time when people would usually be strapped for cash.

With the help of key influencers, the brand created 15 videos that were viewed over 364,000 times in the space of a month. Overall, the campaign generated 2 million impressions.


  • Choice Hotels

Instagram - Upfluence

When choice hotels set out to increase brand awareness and encourage more customers to book rooms at their establishments, they decided to work with influencers to provide people with an inside view of their hotels.

The influencers that they chose to partner with allowed them to speak to various different types of consumers, including business travellers and moms. Choice Hotels invited influencers to spend time at one of their properties in different countries and asked that they share their experiences with their followers using Instagram posts and videos. The campaign generated well over 250 pieces of content and reached over 40 million people. Out of 40 Instagram posts, the brand received over 7,000 engagements!


  • Subaru

Instagram - Upfluence

Subaru’s goal was simple – reach a wider audience and foster positive brand sentiment. To do this they partnered with 20 Instagram influencers that included magicians, stuntmen, and artists to position Subaru as a brand that could be used on any type of excursion or adventure.

Using video content, this campaign generated over 1.9 million likes and 9,000 comments with a mere 58 sponsored posts. The average engagement rate for these posts was 9%.

The Key to Instagram Influencer Marketing Success

It’s no secret that working with influencers on Instagram can lead to results that exceed your campaign expectations, but brands need to take both a strategic and a creative approach if they want to be successful.

Along with matching your brand to the right kind of influencers, it’s also important that you understand how to approach Instagram influencers and how to use features such as Instagram stories to make your campaign as engaging, vibrant, and personal as possible.

While there are a number of different ways to create and deliver an Instagram influencer campaign, campaigns that encourage followers to get involved not only have the potential to drive your engagement through the roof but leave you with amazing user-generated content that can be used to further promote your brand.  And finally, keeping a close eye on your results using audience software and the right campaign management tool that will provide you with data that can be used to refine future campaigns.

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