Instagram, a valuable asset for influencer marketing

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Of the many social media channels, Instagram stands at the forefront of influencer marketing potential. The popular photo-sharing platform allows for instant media consumption and interaction, which is what makes it valuable for spreading brand messages and driving conversions. Influencer marketing on Instagram is a simple process of integrating your product, brand or services into the instagram account of an influencer that is relevant to your brand message.

Why Instagram?

To start, Instagram boasts 75 million daily users. While this may pale in comparison to Facebook’s billion-plus users, Instagram offers access to a lucrative slice of social media users: Millennials. Because 90% of Instagram users are less than 35 years old, Instagram is the perfect social network to reach millennials. This is especially relevant considering that 33% of millennials surveyed said they primarily consult blogs before making a purchase. Gaining access to the heavily coveted millennial demographic through Instagram is a growing trend; 32.3% of brands report using Instagram for marketing purposes.

How is Instagram helpful?

  • A brand must-have

Instagram has become a brand marketing must-have. In fact, it’s the most effective social media platform for engagement. A recent study by Forrester Research found that Instagram users were 58 times more likely to like, comment, or share a brand’s post than Facebook users and 120 times more likely than Twitter users.

This readypulse article nicely sums up Instagram’s unique utility for marketers:

“Instagram is a powerful tool for brands and marketers because it allows them to visually put products in the hands of social influencers who’ll grant them access to reach new audiences.”

Instagram allows brands to tell stories through pictures and short videos as content. Pictures are a powerful content that is simply more sharable, easier to digest, and more universally understood than other types of content.

  • Instagram Influencers are powerful

There are more than 40,000 influencers on Instagram – most of whom are partnered with brands. Influencers are able to leverage a deep connection with their audience to help brands increase reach, brand awareness, and revenue. Moreover, these influencers have a certain authenticity that takes brands years to curate. Unique influencer “branding” gives influencers a unique angle from which to produce contextually relevant content for their audiences, which is usually more interesting than what brands can produce (and at a lower cost).

What does a good Instagram influencer marketing campaign look like?

An Instagram influencer campaign will vary depending on intended outcome. Here, we see three vastly different campaigns that enlist influencers with audiences relevant to their brand.


Purpose: Promote the launch of a new product.

Victorinox partnered with the Patric_q, a german Instagram mens fashion/lifestyle influencer. Patric_q’s audience of over 50k followers got a sneak peak of Victorinox’s new product in his post, which received 878 likes. This partnership acts to amplify the new product amongst followers that resonate with some of Patric_g’s brand message.  


Purpose: Develop brand awareness

To develop business awareness with the gaming/geek niche, Lootcrate partnered with dozens of key influencers like missyeru. These influencers integrate products found in Lootcrate’s boxes like t-shirts, comic books, and action figures. Missyeru’s post uses the sponsored product seamlessly as a part of her usual content, which yields 738 likes – above average engagement for her content.


Purpose: Promote a product feature

Oppo released a smartphone with the best quality front-facing camera (for selfies). They partnered with fashion bloggers with followings that would be interested in that feature. Oppo’s phone fits in with this blogger’s aesthetic, and her fans agree. It receives 690 likes on the post, and increased product awareness.


Instagram should be every forward-facing brand’s best friend. People look to friends for advice – and more and more Instagram bloggers are becoming go-to trusted “friends” for product recommendations. By positioning your brand with the correct influencers on Instagram, not only will awareness soar – but you’ll look good doing it.

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