Is the fitness niche on Instagram oversaturated?

Originally published on Quora by Vivien Garnès on June, 8th 2018.

Compared to broader niches like beauty, travel, & fashion, fitness is relatively unsaturated.

Though, it’s not small: there are approx. 40K influencers on Instagram who correspond to the fitness niche. (Compared with +70k in beauty and fashion respectively.)


*for comparison purposes, influence has been defined as an account with +10K followers. Screenshot from the Upfluence database.

Fitness contains smaller sub-niches such as health, sports, and wellness.

But what does niche saturation mean for marketers?

In influencer marketing, the number of influencers in a niche can determine their pricing.

It’s a supply and demand thing. For example, Instagram influencers specialized in tech will often charge more per post than makeup or food pages who have the same reach. Tech is less saturated which makes tech influencer content more valuable.


Visual representation of two different niches

Overarching niches like “beauty” may have greater reach but their audiences are going to be less targeted (for example, compared to a niche like vegan beauty.)

The truth is, companies from all product categories are trying to get in on influencer marketing but niche saturation can pose entry barriers.

(Imagine trying to find influencers to market crochet materials!) You’re going to have a lot less influencers to choose from.

If you’re trying to reach audiences interested in fitness on Instagram, you’re in luck though!

It’s less saturated than other major categories but still big enough to have competitive content pricing 🙂

Hope another perspective helps and thanks for the A2A!


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Originally published on Quora by Vivien Garnès on June, 8th 2018.

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