Is Your Marketing Strategy Reaching All of Your Potential Audiences?

Marketing in the 21st century has been dominated by the shift from quantity to quality in terms of audiences. In the age of Paid Media, marketers broadcast their messages out to as many people as possible and hoped that the right ones heard it. With the arrival of the Internet, the digital marketing mix expanded to Paid, Owned and Earned (POE). Owned refers to content you create and Earned is what people are saying about your brand. By making strategic use of POE, you can now profile the right audience first and then deliver your message directly to them. That’s what Influencer Marketing is all about.

Who’s Using Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is used by a lot of brands as a part of their digital marketing mix. Since 45% of people trust the content written on specialized blog, 68% of global marketers now see Influence Marketing as a lead generation and customer acquisition tactic.

If Influencer Marketing knows a visible trend, its performance doesn’t need to be proved any longer. Today, successful global brands like Acura, Bing and Nikon are posting their most dramatic results from influencer marketing, such as:

  • The Acura ILX demonstrated a 100% positive sentiment across tens of thousands of posts, tweets and pins.
  • A two month campaign by Bing earned a 97.5 million reach on Bing communities, social media and third-party mentions.
  • Nikon partnered with influencers at SXSW to expand their live stream viewing metrics up to 11 minutes, 5X longer than the industry average.

The Warner Sound Captured by Nikon Logo SXSW 2013Nikon partnered with influencers at SXSW and created the “The Warner Sound captured by Nikon”.

What Influencer Marketing Does

If you haven’t yet added Influencer Marketing to your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a major channel for engaging with incremental audiences. It delivers significant growth in three main areas:

  • Your business: Lower your expenses and do more with your existing budget. Influencers reinforce your branding messages without the cost of additional PR. Blogs and writing articles will also bring in more inbound links to your site and help establish your brand as an expert.
  • Your audience: Building your audience requires trust, engagement and brand recognition. Influencers deliver all three! SInce they own devoted communities, they are more likely to communicate successfully your brand messages.
  • Your position in the market: As influencers establish your credibility and expertise, it becomes easier to lead the market with your messaging. This levels the playing field and helps you compete against global brands with much larger PR budgets.

How to Run a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

There are four essential steps in conducting the right Influencer Marketing campaign for your business.

  1. Set your goals: Do you need to establish a certain branding message, drive more traffic to your site or boost sales within a given time frame? Your goal will impact on your Influencer Marketing  approaches and determines the next steps.
  2. Define your target audience: Depending on your goal, profile the demographic you need to influence. Get creative and outline alternative demographics, not necessarily the ones your competitors are already engaging with. Who will benefit most from your solutions?
  3. Define the right influencers: Is the biggest blog the best for reaching your audience? Not always. Their community might be big and featuring on them can raise a great brand awareness but they usually have a lower engagement rate than power middle blogs. Choose your influencers carefully and consider how engaged you want your audience to be. Smaller communities often bring higher levels of trust. So target the power middle!
  4. Define your content: Think native — that means do a little research on which types of content do best on each social network. Consider whether your company will be featured on a blog, on Instagram, in a set of tweets, etc. You need to adapt message to the medium and the content to platform. That’s what characterizes an effective campaign.
    Influencer Marketing is often used the same way by your competitors. Don’t just recreate their successful content, try to think out of the box and be creative in your approaches.

The Right Way to Grow Your Audience

There is no magic way to grow your audience! If you are following the tips provided above, there is a good chance that your influencer marketing is on the right track!

One key aspect is to not be too greedy. Building brand engagement and earning consumer trust take time, don’t try to cut the corner and reach the biggest influencers or communities at first. You might regret it right away! Power middle blogs are your best chances to reach smaller and more engaged audiences effectively. This is the only way you’ll gradually create a devoted community around your brand.

To find these power middle blogs, you can use tools such as Reachr, a blogger search engine to connect with influencers and build the perfect marketing strategy in partnership with them.

If you want help growing your audience, contact us so we can do that for you more precisely with the power of influence marketing.

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