The September Edition: Get The Latest Influencer Marketing News and Trends

September has been a big month for the influencer industry, and not just because Upfluence hosted its first virtual summit, Connect:Collab:Create, but because this month also marks the beginning of holiday campaign preparation, and we’re poised to see what resonates this year! Let’s dive into September’s influencer marketing news and trends!

Whether you’re debating to go all-in with in-store holiday shopping or have opted to develop your brand’s online experience, our summit Connect:Collab:Create, lays the groundwork and answers every marketer’s questions when it comes to social commerce, unearthing valuable data insights, maximizing content performance, and creating the most effective, tailored influencer campaigns for your brand and goals.

Key takeaways from Connect:Collab:Create

  • Seamless social commerce is the future!

We were joined by our friends at Shopify to deep dive into the newest trends shaping online shopping. Taking stock of the changes in consumer behavior since the pandemic we can see that social commerce is going to be the biggest driver of online sales in the future. Platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok have made it easier than ever to discover, research, and purchase products directly from their apps, thanks to native integrations with the likes of Shopify and new commerce-focused features. With multiple digital touchpoints between brands and consumers including social ads, organic content, influencer marketing, and online reviews, consumers expect a seamless customer experience. Minimizing friction and optimizing social commerce features will be key to maximizing online sales this holiday season and beyond! 

  • Leverage customer data for impactful marketing 

Klaviyo and Atfluence joined us to discuss the different ways to optimize strategies by using customer data from your marketing tools. With new changes to data privacy such as Google’s planned removal of third-party cookies by 2023, it’s a challenging landscape for marketers. With this in mind, harnessing first-party data that your brand already has access to is the best strategy for finding and activating ambassadors for your brand. Connecting your different tools to analyze customer data can reveal individuals with a valuable social reach within your brand community. By leveraging data from your customer database, email lists, and social media platforms, you have everything you need to rapidly scale identification and activation of your brand’s best advocates. Trust and authenticity are the most important factors for connecting with new audiences, so working with organic brand ambassadors is a surefire way to create the most authentic, revenue-generating content such as product reviews, how-to videos, and TikTok brand challenges. 

  • Repurpose influencer content for better-performing paid ads

Experts from Plai and Upfluence explored the best strategies for getting more value from influencer-generated content. Repurposing quality influencer content across other digital channels is cost-effective, grows reach, and generates a higher ROI overall. Whitelisted ads mean that social ads created with influencer content are run via the influencer’s profile. This is a top strategy for better-performing paid media as influencer-generated content is highly engaging and likely to generate more conversions than brand content. To get a higher return on investment from every influencer campaign, create a repurposing plan, and incorporate whitelisted ads as part of your paid media strategy. 

  • Tailor your campaign strategy to meet your goals 

Tiege Hanley joined us to discuss how to create fruitful influencer partnerships for better long-term campaigns. The key is to invest in the best kind of partnerships, finding those influencers who share an affinity with your brand and are reaching your target customers organically. We learned that the best influencer marketing campaigns don’t have a copy-and-paste strategy. To be able to effectively evaluate your performance you need to have your goals in mind from the start as this will shape the rest of your campaign. For every goal, whether that be greater awareness, sales, loyalty or engagement you need to plan a tailored campaign. Align your choice of target audience, influencers, and activation types with your goals to deliver the best, measurable results. Different influencer types will suit different types of campaigns so reflect on who will make the best match for your objectives. For example, looking to drive sales around the holidays? Opt for an affiliate campaign based on branded gift guides created by organic micro-influencers. 

Want to learn more from our expert speakers or catch up on anything you missed – watch a replay of all 4 live Connect:Collab:Create sessions


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