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Easily create new value propositions and address more customer needs without having to invest your time and effort into building these services yourself. Upfluence’s partnerships support team is here to custom tailor our award winning services to your needs and quickly get your clients access to a game-changing full-cycle influencer management suite.

.Our Partnership Programs

Technology Partner

Enrich your platform or app with Upfluence data and deliver more value to your customers.

Platform Integration

Integrate Upfluence with your platform or app to bring unique value to the market and to your users.

Channel Partner

Become a reseller and benefit from co-branded marketing and revenue sharing.

Referral Partner

Think your clients would love Upfluence? Send them our way and earn a commission.

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“We selected  Upfluence because they easily integrated with our platform to provide certified influencers to our users. Our partnership helps brands using Plai achieve the highest ROI from each campaign – especially small businesses and entrepreneurs whose core business is not marketing.”

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Logan Welbaum

Founder of Plai