Upfluence Software Revolutionizes How Brands Connect with Organic Influencers with Its New One-of-a-Kind Live Capture Identification Tool

Upfluence’s newest organic influencer identification tool, Live Capture, enables eCommerce brands to analyze their website visitors’ social data and locate high-value ambassadors. This boosts the marketing process, since statistics reveal influencers who love a brand are seven times more likely to accept free collaboration or create sponsored content for less.


New York, New York – May 4, 2020 Upfluence Software announced today the release of its new Live Capture tool that identifies high-value brand ambassadors thereby transforming the way brands locate organic influencers. The all-in-one SaaS firm that helps brands and agencies identify, contact, manage and analyze their influencers at scale, launched Live Capture to help companies enhance their marketing process through improved efficiency. 


“For any brand, loyalty from your customers is a fundamental ingredient for success and ambassadors are an essential component of ensuring that process,” said Kevin Creusy, Co-CEO at Upfluence Inc. “Your customers are your strongest advocates and receiving a referral is often seen as an organic byproduct of a company’s success. Live Capture produces the data businesses need to make an informed decision when locating high-value ambassadors – why leave it to chance?”


When a customer visits a website, Live Capture launches a popup that lets brands easily collect and view a customer’s statistics. The information collected is then reviewed by the brand for all key data points which would identify and activate the visitor as a high-value brand ambassador.


Live Capture benefits brands with its one-of-a-kind, 4-step process as follows:

  1. Using a 1-click customizable popup and checkout field components, Live Capture gathers social data from your website’s visitors.
  2. Upfluence then analyzes all newly captured data, including consumer social metrics, and presents the most relevant ambassadors for your brand.
  3. In just one click, the selected ambassador can be activated with Upfluence’s Influencer Relationship Management tool.
  4. Since Live Capture easily integrates with existing affiliate tools and CMS, including Shopify, Magento, Refersion, Affiliate, Impact, Outlook, Gmail, and Google Tag Manager, users can effortlessly review and track customer purchase history and promotion codes. Live Capture provides brands with analysis to activation as well as complete ROI management in one platform.


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