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Influencer marketing is not the next big thing anymore. Rather, your company should already be working with influencers to talk about your brand. If not, board that train now and catch up fast.

Whether influencers are part of your B2B or B2C marketing strategy, it’s often time consuming to find the right professionals. You need experts who not only share the same target audience but also managed to build a large following and excel at getting their audience to engage with their content, that same content that talks about you.

Just like you, our clients had a need, so at Upfluence, we built a solution for that, or a software rather. Upfluence Search Engine is getting you access to 1.2M+ Influencers in 250+ industries, which is very exhaustive!


Upfluence Search Engine

Identify Top Influencers

Upfluence Search Engine gives you access to a large database of influencers across multiple industries and social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram). You can perform complex searches using over 20 criteria both quantitative and qualitative such as social media, industry, engagement rate, audience size, traffic history and more.

Upfluence search

Upfluence Search Engine helps you get in touch with your best influencers by giving you access to all the data you need. The software not only gives you a comprehensive list of influencers throughout the blogosphere, it also gives you the right tools to pick the best fit for your brand.

If search filters allow you to put some floor values (and separate the wheat from the chaff), the access to the full historic of performances shows if the influencer is still active and has strong engagement over time. Beside, all data is refreshed everyday so you can check how the latest posts perform.

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Contact Influencers At Scale

You have now found the perfect influencers for your brand and campaign among the 1.2 millions influencers available in Upfluence Search Engine. Yet, you have reached a new critical point and you might wonder: how can you contact them?

With Upfluence Search Engine, you have access to full profiles and contact details, including personal emails and social media profiles. Moreover, all data is exportable: nothing gets easier than reaching your influencers directly.

From here, it is up to you to manage your own influencer marketing campaign, fitting your needs and your expectations.

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The best use cases, or what you can achieve with an influencer search engine


1.Build your own network of Influencers

Indeed, at the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the famous candies in Germany, Ricola wanted to find local influencers matching their brand image and able to engage their audience.

By using Upfluence Search Engine we were able to identify and contact the right influencers for the brand. Leading German lifestyle and inspirational blogs responded such as that published an article about Ricola’s history and values at the occasion of the anniversary.

As a result, 30 articles were published in only one month, which led to more than 11,386,555 readers and 2,345 clicks on Ricola’s website.

If you want to know more about how to find your own network of Influencers and how to use influencer marketing to reinforce your branding strategy, you can download for free the full Ricola case study here.


2. Promote the launch of a new product

That is precisely what Ralph Lauren did when using our services earlier this year to promote their new watch in the US and Japan.

Using our Upfluence Search Engine, we quickly identified and got in touch with the 11 top influencers in both countries, directly connected to the audience Ralph Lauren tried to reach, namely men interested in luxury goods (clothes, cars, lifestyle).

Within a month 11 articles were published reaching 10,281,963 visitors and 35,023 reads.

Articles were then amplified through suited relevant media channels reaching even more people and potential clients. Ralph Lauren significantly increased its sales and reinforced their branding image.


3. Promote an special event like Victorinox

Influencer Marketing can also be used as a way to communicate about an offline event. The Swiss luxury watch brand Victorinox invited their 100 top international influencers to their launch party, promoting their new watch in New York.

In order to do so efficiently, the brand used Upfluence Search Engine to identify and contact the most relevant influencers for their industry and brand throughout the world. They sent out invitations to the product launch in New York. As a result, bloggers and journalists published 125 articles talking about the event and the new Victorinox watch. They generated more than 324,000 reads.

If you want to know more about this inspiring use of Influencer Marketing, the full Victorinox case study is available here.

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