Selecting Your Influencers Just Became a Whole Lot Easier

Upfluence is very excited to announce its new and improved influencer selection process! 


We tweaked a few features to make the selection process even more seamless for 2018. Here’s what’s new:

Improvement #1 We made it easier to keep track of selected influencers across multiple searches.

In the past, our search and list creation was a two step process: select influencers and then export them to a list as shown below:


In our new system, influencers which have been checked during any search are saved in a “selected influencers” tab so users can easily view their picks in one place before exporting them to their preferred lists.

This feature facilitates multiples searches as selected influencers are combined into one place (building a list with island influencers AND surfing influencers? No problem!) As for you multi-taskers, it makes multiple campaigns a breeze: just browse your top picks in the selected tab and export them to the appropriate campaigns. Found an influencer you like but you’re not sure where to use them yet? The “selected tab” saves by default so you can always come back to it later on!

Most importantly, it eliminates the risk of forgetting to export after each search.  This means no more losing influencers from one search to another. Hallelujah.


Improvement #2  Never want to see that influencer again? Hit reject!

Okay, we may exaggerate. They’re not gone-gone but they’re saved in the rejected list throughout the project. The Select/Reject system is designed to personalize the database and keep the search results fresh for its users. This means when an influencer doesn’t fit your criteria, you just reject them and they won’t show up in your future searches.

Our biggest innovations are right around the corner!

Say hello to the future of Influencer Marketing: Machine learning and Direct Messaging.

Upfluence will soon be launching our Influencer Recommendation Engine that uses machine leaning technology to automatically provide users with potential influencers that correspond to their current selections.

As for direct messaging, we will be integrating the Instagram feature into our search results to provide 1 on 1 communication with influencers via Instagram. No need for emails! Users will be able to DM from inside the platform.

Upfluence search results will also get a revamp to integrate the new data we have recently added to our system. Here is sneak peek of what the results page will soon look like:

All year long our software will work with you to make your influencer discovery process as easy as possible.

The Team at Upfluence

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