What is a Travel Influencer?

Originally published on Quora by Vivien Garnès on March, 23rd 2018.

Travel influencers can promote destinations, services, or products associated with travel by leveraging their social media influence. Here are some examples of successful travel influencer content:


The #AirbnbExperiences campaign uses influencers to promote destinations, activities, and their business all in one. Hospitality agencies know that if they can associate an influencer lifestyle with their destinations, they can attract more customers:

“The impact is phenomenal, because people are interested in the lifestyle of these influencers. If that lifestyle can be authentically associated with staying in interesting Airbnb properties, that is a no-brainer for us,” Mildenhall, CMO of Airbnb.


Hotels are at the head of influencer marketing. Larger ones, such as the Marriott, will hire influencers to stay at their hotels and lead media campaigns.


Others like the Riad Yasmine Hotel in Morocco, market in a more passive (and probably cost-efficient) way by consistently re-posting their Influencer guest’s photos from social media, creating an effect of “like attracts like.”

“The influencers produce their own editorial styling, modeling, editing of what one weekend at the Mulia looks like, which may influence our potential guests to consider staying with us more than other resorts using traditional print ads with photos of empty rooms.” Fortune.


Airlines also use influencer marketing! Southwest launched an influencer campaign in 2016, sending major social influencers to document destinations with the hashtag #southwestpassport.


Like friends and family, social media Influencers produce content that is considered more trustworthy and entertaining than traditional advertisements. Unlike friends and family, when they post a review or photo to their network it can reach millions, which makes them crucial brand advocates.


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Originally published on Quora by Vivien Garnès on March, 23rd 2018.

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