A representative sample of 1,000 beauty influencers working with brands on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok were analyzed for this study based on data collected between 18 May – 26 August. Our experts have analyzed sponsored influencer posts and identified collaborations with over 100 beauty brands giving insights into the state of influencer marketing in the beauty industry.

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Introduction to the Beauty industry

The beauty industry is in a period of fast growth, predicted to grow from $420B in 2018 to $716.3B by 2025. The US comes second in terms of cosmetic industry market share with 24%, against the Asia Pacific Region with 48%. In general, US shoppers still prefer to buy their cosmetics in-store at pharmacies or the likes of Walmart and Target. However, newer beauty brands are seeing high sales in eCommerce, with 86% of their sales happening online, versus only 4% of online sales for the top 20 beauty manufacturers. Beauty subscription services are also becoming popular, with 28% of male and 22% of female American consumers currently receiving a subscription box service. 

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Number of Beauty influencers across platforms

The majority of beauty influencers are active on Instagram & YouTube.

Instagram + YouTube is the most common combination of platforms for beauty influencers. 

Each combination is calculated by the incidence in 1,000 influencers, and is not mutually exclusive.

Average number of followers by platform

Beauty influencers on TikTok have the highest number of followers on average, followed by Instagram, then YouTube. 

Average number of followers by country

Average number of beauty influencer followers on Instagram across countries 

Average number of beauty influencer followers on YouTube across countries 

Average number of beauty influencer followers on TikTok across countries 

Some Top Performing Beauty Influencers for You

  • 7.29% engagement rate on YouTube 
  • 45k average views
  • 813k YouTube subscribers
  • 5% engagement rate on Instagram
  • 728 average likes
  • 15k Instagram followers
  • 8.86% engagement rate on Instagram
  • 1.4k average likes
  • 63k YouTube subscribers
  • 26.35% engagement rate Instagram
  • 840 average likes
  • 3.3k Instagram followers
  • 6.49% engagement rate on TikTok
  • 91k average likes 
  • 1.4M TikTok followers
  • 12.02% engagement rate on TikTok 
  • 2.8M average likes
  • 24M TikTok followers