Industry Report - Consumer Technology

Learn about the state of influencer marketing in the consumer technology industry in this dashboard of data about tech influencers. See how tech influencers perform across social channels and analyze their audiences and engagement rates to make better influencer marketing decisions for your tech brand. 

A representative sample of 1,000 tech influencers working on Instagram, YouTube and Twitch were analyzed for this study based on data collected between January – April 2021. Our experts have analyzed sponsored influencer posts and identified collaborations with over 100 consumer tech brands giving insights into how to run effective influencer campaigns in the tech industry.

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The Consumer Technology Industry

Consumer tech is a broad industry, including tech used for work, study, entertainment, and everyday communication. During a period that’s still affected by COVID-19, consumers are spending money on tech for use in the home. Given the large numbers of people working, learning, and seeking entertainment in the home, it’s not surprising that this led to a 17% increase in consumer technology spending in the US. Tech brands are increasingly investing in digital marketing channels to reach online audiences who purchase consumer electronics via eCommerce sites. According to eMarketer, 49.5% of consumer tech items were purchased online in 2020.  

The number of technology consumers is continuing to increase, driven by the growth in smartphone ownership predicted to reach 4.3 billion in 2023 (up from 2.5 billion in 2016).  Overall, consumer tech user penetration is predicted to rise from 25.3% in 2021 to 34.8% by 2025.

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Number of tech influencers across platforms

YouTube has the highest number of tech influencers. 

Instagram and YouTube is the most common platform pairing for tech influencers.

Average number of followers

Tech influencers on YouTube have the largest amount of followers.   


Average engagement across platforms

YouTube has the highest number of engagements.

Instagram has the highest engagement rate.

Average views across platforms

Tech influencers on Twitch generate the most views. 

A comparison of the total views generated by tech influencers on the platforms.  

Tech influencers on Twitch have the highest view rate. 

The view rate is calculated by dividing the total views by total number of followers.  

Instagram audience

Gender split 

Age break-down

Top 5 countries

45% of tech influencer audiences are from other countries. 

Instagram engagement

Tech micro influencers on Instagram have a very impressive engagement rate, compared to the other influencer categories. 

Micro: > 15K followers
Regular: 15K – 50K followers
Rising: 50K – 100K followers
Mid-size: 100K – 500K followers
Macro: 500K – 1M followers
Mega: > 1M followers

Average engagement rate by influencer age

Average engagement rate by influencer gender

Instagram sponsored posts

March saw the largest number of sponsored posts from tech influencers. 

YouTube views

Tech mega influencers generate the highest number of views on YouTube. 

Micro: > 15K followers
Regular: 15K – 50K followers
Rising: 50K – 100K followers
Mid-size: 100K – 500K followers
Macro: 500K – 1M followers
Mega: > 1M followers

Tech influencers aged between 18-34 get the most views on average.

Male tech influencers have the highest views on average.


Twitch content

Most popular Twitch stream tags

Most popular Twitch channels

Top hashtags across platforms

Top Instagram hashtags

Top YouTube hahstags

Top-Performing Consumer Tech Influencers



  • 1.2M YouTube subscribers
  • 38K average views
  • 90% male audience
jarrod's tech

@jarrod’s tech

  • 332K YouTube subscribers
  • 55K average views
  • 1.9K average likes

@zuyoni tech

  • 381K YouTube subscribers
  • 10.6% average engagement rate 
  • 81% audience based in Korea


  • 195K YouTube subscribers
  • 23K average views
  • 83% audiennce based in France
tech spurt


  • 534K YouTube subscribers
  • 85K average views
  • 89% male audience


  • 1.3K Twitch followers
  • 94% real followers
  • 62% audience based in the US

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