Keep track of all your influencers

Reduce the amount of time you spend keeping tabs on your content creators. Easily manage influencers and focus on building long-lasting partnerships.


Manage all of your relationships

_Centralize all of the influencers that you have worked with on previous campaigns or that you are currently working with in one dashboard.

_Filter your influencers by name, location, campaign, and more and keep track of their latest activity to know who is active and who needs a follow-up.



Build long-term partnerships

_Collaborations are no longer one-shot deals. To turn influencers into brand ambassadors you need to build partnerships with them. This will help you generate higher quality content for your brand and drive better results. Upfluence helps you focus your time on building those long-term relationships.



Always find your favorites

_Managing hundreds of influencers can quickly become complicated and overwhelming. Give star ratings to your favorites to easily add them to new lists and work with them across several campaigns. Create custom tags to segment your influencer lists.



Issue personalized promo codes

_Add influencers to your affiliate program straight from your IRM dashboard.

_Issue personalized promotion codes natively compatible with your online store and watch your sales grow.

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Influencer Search

Use 20+ advanced search criteria

Influencer Profiles

Access the most relevant influencers

Campaign Management

Manage campaigns from A to Z


Measure performance & ROI

Join over 1,600+ happy customers

Start streamlining your business with our leading influencer marketing software. Identify & contact influencers in minutes, reveal your most influential customers, cut your time spent on campaign management in half and ensure every campaign is a success.