KPIs for Influencer Marketing – A Complete Guide

kpis for influencer marketing

Every marketer is tasked with measuring the impact of their campaigns and calculating the overall ROI. You should therefore choose KPIs for influencer marketing campaigns that align with your goals. This is how you evaluate if your influencer marketing campaign has done what you set out to achieve. To fully understand the performance of your […]

Influencer Marketing Strategy Q&A: Joshua Weidling of Tiege Hanley

influencer marketing strategy Q&A

Joshua Weidling, Influencer and Social Media Manager at Tiege Hanley joined Paul Kahn, SVP Sales at Upfluence for a conversation about the successful influencer marketing strategies employed at Tiege Hanley. In this Q&A, Joshua reveals the best approach to identifying, contacting, and compensating influencers for long-term influencer marketing campaigns.  Introduction to Tiege Hanley Paul Kahn: Hello […]

Webinar: Influencer marketing strategy & implementation with Tiege Hanley

influencer marketing strategy & implementation

On 22nd September Joshua Weilding from men’s skincare brand Tiege Hanley joined us for a session at our virtual event Connect:Collab:Create to discuss influencer marketing strategy and implementation.  We covered a lot of ground during the webinar, including the best way to recruit and nurture partnerships with creators, how to choose KPIs and so much […]

Influencer Campaign Metrics: Track 8 Key Areas

influencer metrics

Before we begin, we’d like to get the ugly truth out of the way: A lot of brands don’t know if their influencer campaign works because they (a) don’t track performance or (b) don’t track the right metrics. Do you know that there are 8 important metrics that you can track to assess your influencer […]