7 types of influencer marketing campaigns you should try

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Due to its ability to boost conversions, increase notoriety, and generate sales, influencer marketing is quickly becoming the go-to solution for brands who want to supercharge their growth. As the industry has grown, new technology and methods are refining the way we identify, recruit, and report partnerships. Now with the possibility to create different types […]

KPIs for Influencer Marketing – A Complete Guide

kpis for influencer marketing

Every marketer is tasked with measuring the impact of their campaigns and calculating the overall ROI. You should therefore choose KPIs for influencer marketing campaigns that align with your goals. This is how you evaluate if your influencer marketing campaign has done what you set out to achieve. To fully understand the performance of your […]

Our Favorite Fashion Influencer Campaigns of 2020

fashion influencer campaign

The fashion industry was an early adopter of influencer marketing and continues to lead the way with creative campaigns for high-street and luxury brands alike. Whether it’s adopting new channels or embracing video content, fashion brands are finding ways to stay relevant and adapt to trends in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at […]