Influencer Gifting and Product Seeding – How to get it right

Influencer gifting and product seeding. Upfluence

Product seeding (or influencer gifting) is an essential component of any influencer campaign. It’s a strategy that works for direct-to-consumer and eCommerce brands of all sizes. Whether you want to drive brand awareness with a giveaway competition or drive sales with a promo code campaign, influencer gifting (or product seeding) will kick-start your influencer marketing […]

How to get influencers to promote your product

how to get influencers to promote your product

You’ve heard about the benefits of influencer marketing, that it can help boost brand awareness, engagement, and sales. In fact, 90% of markters agree that it’s an effective strategy. Some brands make it look so easy, yet there’s a lot of work that goes into building profitable influencer partnerships. You can’t fire out a stream […]