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Easily access the most important metrics about any influencer across all their social media channels to grow your influencer program and ensure you are collaborating with the right creators for your brand.

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Invest in the right influencers

Find influencers that will help you achieve your campaign goals! Thanks to the Upfluence’s Chrome extension, you get free data analysis on engagement rate, reach, average views, average likes, audience demographics, and more!

Grow your brand with Upfluence.

Combine Upfluence’s Chrome extension and influencer marketing platform to expand your campaigns!


Add influencers right away.

_With the Upfluence Chrome extension,  identify influencers on social media and easily add them to your Upfluence relationship management dashboard by category. Build a strong community of influencers and easily cultivate long-term relationships with them.

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Contact any influencers instantly.

_Need help reaching out to influencers? Thanks to the extension, access any influencers’ contact info and get in touch with them directly from your Upfluence account. To save time, you can also contact an entire list of influencers in one go!


Easily set up discount codes & affiliate links.

_Provide unlimited unique discount codes and affiliate links to your influencers so that you can keep track of individual sales from each creator.

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Find out what your campaign’s ROI are.

_View a summary of all your campaign metrics, including ROI, total earned media value, impressions, and reach.

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