Real vs. Fake Followers: FREE Tool to Detect Fake Instagram Followers

free tool to detect fake followers and fake likes

You’ve heard the hype around influencer marketing as a top-performing digital marketing strategy, but naturally, you want to know about the potential pitfalls before launching your first campaign. You’re not alone, 67% of brands are still concerned about influencer fraud. Avoiding working with influencers that have fake followers and fake likes is a must for […]

Top 5 benefits of Instagram affiliate marketing for brands

Instagram affiliate marketing

Instagram affiliate marketing is giving brands the upper-hand as shoppers turn to social media to browse and shop the latest products. Brands are capitalizing on the rise of social commerce to prioritize running affiliate programs on social media. Affiliate marketing on Instagram offers many benefits including: more new customers, greater web traffic, effective sales tracking, […]

Instagram’s Latest Features Boost Influencer Marketing


A closer look at how Instagram’s latest features can be used to take your Instagram influencer marketing campaigns up a level. What’s new in the world of Instagram With 1 billion people using Instagram every month, it’s one of the most powerful social media apps around, with the addition of new ad formats to Instagram […]