How to Find Instagram Influencers: 12 Easy Steps to Guide Your Search

How to find Instagram influencers

Instagram is the platform of choice for many brands doing influencer marketing. In fact, Instagram accounts for 44% of influencer marketing spend, consolidating its place as the number one social network for influencer marketing, although TikTok is starting to catch up! To start tapping into creator content on the app, you need to know how […]

How to Approach Influencers About Promoting Your Brand

how to approach influencers

Are you ready to start collaborating with influencers? You’ve done the hard work of pinning down your strategy and identifying the types of influencers you want to work with. But, how do you approach influencers about promoting your brand? Let’s find out. How should brands approach influencers? If you’re reaching out to a small number […]

5 types of Instagram influencers

types of instagram influencers

Instagram is a popular social media channel for both marketers and creators. It remains one of the top networks for influencer marketing campaigns alongside TikTok and YouTube. 93% of marketers are using Instagram as part of their influencer marketing strategy. Instagram influencers, known for their style and stunning photography, have helped brands in the beauty, […]