Whitelisting Influencer Content – How to reuse IGC in paid media

influencer whitelisting

An important way for brands to boost the results from their influencer marketing investment is to repurpose and amplify influencer-generated content (IGC) through influencer whitelisting. Make your influencer content work harder for you by delivering results beyond the initial influencer marketing campaign. Choosing your best pieces of influencer content and boosting it with ad spend […]

Repurposing influencer content: a how-to guide

repurposing influencer content

Repurposing influencer-generated content (IGC) within your content marketing and paid media strategies helps you to boost campaign longevity, increase the ROI of your original investment in influencer marketing and reach targeted audiences. Repurposing influencer content shouldn’t be an afterthought that’s tagged onto the end of your influencer campaign. In order to get the best results […]