The all-in-one influencer and affiliate marketing platform

Upfluence provides everything you need to manage your affiliate programs, from affiliate search, relationship management, promotion code & performance tracking and payment.


Generate affiliate links & Track performance

_Work with affiliates to promote your brand by sending them unique affiliate links. Track their performance, be that sales, clicks, or signups within the affiliate marketing management solution.

Generate affiliate links
Discount codes creation

Create unlimited discount codes

_Create discount codes for your affiliates to help them promote your brand to their audiences.. Easily manage your promotions and share individual codes with affiliates one at a time, or in bulk.


Engage affiliates in meaningful campaigns

_Build custom affiliate campaigns. Let your affiliates pick the product they want to promote, keep them updated on product delivery, and easily share the campaign brief, instructions, and messaging with them. 

Engage affiliates in campaigns
Get reporting to measure your affiliates value (1)

Get reporting to measure your affiliates’ impact

_Find out who your most valuable affiliates are thanks to insightful reporting. Use insights to keep a close eye on your ROI and make smarter decisions.

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