Upfluence for E-commerce

Find & activate the influencers who already love your brand

Your current clients, followers, & traffic are influential. They should be your ambassadors.
Identify organic influencers easily.


Visitors, customers, followers: they're all potential influencers

_Embed a dedicated pop-in to your website, for example, your Shopify store or Klaviyo landing page, in just 1-click.

_Add a social media field to your Shopify checkout process.

_Analyze the followers of your brand’s official social handle.

_Process your entire network: from visitors to customers.

Pop-in e-commerce
Social data

Who is influential within your network?

_Enrich your database of customers, contacts, followers, and visitors and reveal their influence with all social data points.

_Upfluence identifies your organic influencers on TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

 _Combine social data with purchase history and activate your most influential contacts.


Turn the most influential people in your network into ambassadors

_Activate organic ambassadors who will authentically promote your brand.

_Remove the complexity of managing your ambassador programs by seamlessly integrating with the Upfluence Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tool.

Creator network

Track Affiliate Sales

_Generate and manage custom coupons to reward social data capture.

_Track affiliate sales and campaign performance.

_Monitor hashtags and mentions with the Upfluence Social Listening tool.

.Integrate your favorite tools


Connect your Shopify store.


Integrate Upfluence with your Klaviyo pop-in in 1 click.


Contact influencers directly through Gmail.


Track & manage your affiliation campaigns.

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Start streamlining your business with our leading influencer marketing software. Identify & contact influencers in minutes, reveal your most influential customers, cut your time spent on campaign management in half and ensure every campaign is a success.