Influencer Statistics: Reliable Demographic Data for Influencer Audiences

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Discover Audience Search: Upfluence’s newest software feature that allows users to identify influencers based on who they influence!

Fueled by data unlike anything else on the market, the audience search tool is a game-changer for both influencer marketing and demographic targeting. Learn how it works, why this data is reliable, and what makes the audience search tool so incredibly powerful.

We have been hard at work at Upfluence to release the first reliable influencer audience data on the market. “

“We have processed more than 200 million audience profiles, applying image recognition to identify their age & gender and analyzed billions of social posts to pinpoint geolocation.” – Kevin, Head of Software at Upfluence.

Ready to start searching by demographic? It takes less than five minutes in Upfluence software:   

  1. Set your search criteria.

Upfluence influencer search dashboard

Users can now search by audience and the database will provide the influencers that are most popular with those groups. For example, if you were looking for someone influential with males aged 25 located in the United States.

Not only that, the audience criteria can be combined with the other 22+ influencer criteria to produce highly specific results, such as: health and wellness micro-Influencers in NYC who have a 75%+ female audience and a dominant age bracket of 35+ years old.

  1. Results.

Upfluence influencer profile data

On every influencer profile you will now be able to see a detailed breakdown of their audience: with gender, location, and age.

Where is Upfluence getting this data? We don’t use cookies or buy from third parties!

Most audience ‘data’ actually comes from third parties and is generally an extrapolation of other information instead of analyzing the user’s profiles themselves.

For years, audience analysis has been done through Cookie Analysis & data trading. Going over your browsing habits and using statistical models to more or less reliably see if you are male, female, old, young, and where you are located (via the IP address.)

Fresh from the source: We do our own data-analysis.

For every profile we analyze, we perform a series of tests to obtain the most accurate data:

  • For Geolocation: We analyse the social posts of all the followers to find where they are published from and draw a precise geographical distribution of the audience.
  • For Gender & Age: We apply image recognition on the profile picture of every member of their audience to get an estimate of the age and a precise gender. The gender is 95%+ accurate whereas the age is a little more fuzzy, which is why we provide it as a bracket.

This is not scraping the surface, but a deep analysis of hundreds of millions of data points.

What was the state of demographic data in the industry before Upfluence?

  • For Gender & Age: One method would be to find profiles that have a link in their bio. By looking at the cookie data of that website, one could determine demographic information for that profile by inference.
  • For Geolocation: If they don’t have a website to extrapolate data from, marketers look at statistical models based on language or keyword use to determine location.
  • Data sampling or “Modeled Data”: (studying a certain % of an audience, say 10%, and then assuming the same for the rest of the audience.)
  • Unclear practices. Many IM platforms rely on second party data (purchasing information from audience analysis companies) who do not have a transparent data methodology.

This is simply a poor snapshot of what is really going on.

The quality of the data is what determines the actionability of the search engine results.

By not cutting corners and analyzing the profiles directly and extensively, Upfluence is now able to provide a more accurate picture of each individual audience member of every influencer in our database.

This is what gives the audience search tool its edge. The most reliable data permits for the most precise results.

With insights into influencer’s audiences, marketers can finally know exactly who they’re targeting. A previous grey area of influencer marketing has been illuminated: segmentation and targeting is no longer based on inference but on hard data. If you’d like to know more about your audience data, feel free to email us @ [email protected] ! 


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