[Free Download] 15 Twitch Gaming Streamers Worth Watching

15 twitch gaming streamers worth watching

With over 9 million active broadcasters, Twitch is one of the largest live streaming platforms around today.  Let’s take a closer look at the top Twitch streamers who are worth following. Twitch is seen as the leading social media platform for gamers and Esports professionals.  The top gaming influencers on Twitch have large followings and even […]

Meet The Top 10 Gaming Influencers in the US

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The gaming industry is big business in the US, with the market size of the video games industry valued at over $60 billion in 2020. Gaming brands looking to reach new audiences should leverage gaming influencers in their marketing campaigns. These established creators in the gaming niche, with large, active audiences on platforms like Twitch […]

How Food and Drink Brands are Conquering the Gaming World

food and gaming brands

With the popularity of gaming at an all-time high, food and drink brands have spotted an opportunity to reach new audiences by leveraging the crossover between video gaming and convenience food. Playing video games and snacking seemingly go hand-in-hand. What better fuel for a long afternoon of gaming than your favorite soda and fast-food treat? […]