How to find YouTube influencers for your brand

find youtube influencers

What is a YouTube influencer?  A YouTube influencer is someone who creates and publishes video content on YouTube in order to grow and engage with their online audience. The number of subscribers needed to be considered a YouTube influencer varies. Nano-influencers, for example, may only have a few thousand subscribers (between 1,000 – 5,000) usually, […]

Top 25 Beauty YouTubers to Follow

Top Beauty YouTubers 2019

YouTube has a thriving community of stellar beauty creators. Cosmetics and beauty are growing industries on the channel as so many top beauty YouTubers are showcasing the latest beauty products, talking about the biggest beauty trends, and offering practical tips in their tutorial videos. In a recent blog we’ve highlighted the importance of video content […]

Meet 6 Influencers from the Consumer Tech Industry

When investing in a new laptop, smartphone, or smart TV savvy consumers are turning to tech YouTube channels and Twitch unboxing videos to learn more about the products before making a purchase. This creates a strategic opportunity for consumer tech brands to use influencer campaigns to persuade new customers to buy their products. Consumer tech […]