Top Beauty YouTubers to Follow in 2020

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YouTube’s beauty community is massive and ever-growing, which isn’t surprising with an abundance of incredibly talented beauty YouTubers out there. Since we’ve recently discussed successful beauty brand collabs & up-and-coming beauty micro-influencers on Instagram, we thought why not give you a rundown of our top beauty YouTubers in 2019?



Rachel Claire Levin is one of the biggest beauty YouTubers & has one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the world. Her audience is slightly younger, and the internet personality makes different types of videos ranging from DIYs, life hacks, comedy, skits, and more. RCLBeauty101 was reportedly the highest-paid beauty YouTuber in 2018 and the channel has 14m subscribers & over 3 billion video views.



Jeffree Star, who goes by jeffreestar on YouTube, is a singer/songwriter and a true OG Beauty influencer on the Internet. Jeffree is actually known as the most followed person on MySpace in 2006. Yes, you read that right, Jeffree’s big break dates back all the way to that time we used MySpace (throwback to MySpace Tom!). While he’s been part of the YouTube community since 2006, Jeffree started posting more tutorials & beauty tips after launching his own cosmetics line Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014. Since then, he’s amassed nearly 1.5 billion collective video views and 18m+ subscribers on YouTube alone.



With over 13m subscribers and 1 billion total views on YouTube, Dutch beauty vlogger Nikkie is a YouTube sensation. Nikkie is all about keeping it real and doesn’t shy away from showing her bare face. She sees makeup as a fun way to change her look,  much like she demonstrates in one of her early viral hit videos, The Power of Makeup. The beauty YouTuber has done makeup videos featuring celebs Kim Kardashian & Drew Barrymore on her channel and collaborated with several beauty brands like Ofra & Maybelline.


Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan is a YouTuber with 3.9m+ subscribers, but even more famous Instagram beauty guru with 33m+ followers. She launched her own cosmetics line Huda Beauty in 2013, which has been received really well by the beauty community. On her YouTube channel, the Iraqi-American beauty YouTuber covers beauty hacks, DIY Makeup tutorials – all of which are frequently accompanied by her adorable daughter or other family members. Time Magazine even listed her as one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet in 2017.



While Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) hasn’t been super active on her main YouTube channel, she still counts as one of the top beauty YouTubers out there. Zoella has been in the biz for a while and accumulated a massive 4.8m+ subscribers on YouTube and over 1 billion views on all her videos. She’s known for her sweet personality, beauty tips, and sharing her life with fellow YouTuber & boyfriend Alfie Deyes. All in all, Zoe is quite a busy bee; she’s published books, launched her own beauty line in 2014, and collaborated with several brands. Just a couple of days ago, she actually shared her exciting new collaboration with ColourPop Cosmetics.


Safiya Nygaard

The former BuzzFeed employee & regular on BuzzFeed’s series Ladylike, left the company in early 2017 and created her own channel. Of course, loyal fans were quick to follow, and her channel blew up. Currently, this rising star & beauty YouTuber has over 8.8m subscribers and 800m video views. Whether she’s posting beauty advice, makeup reviews or trying out questionable style choices, Safiya knows how to entertain a crowd.


James Charles

James is not even 20 yet and already a big Internet personality. The 19-year old YouTuber has had quite the career for such a short time on earth. He was appointed the first-ever male spokesmodel for CoverGirl in 2016, does modeling on the side, and collaborates with several other cosmetics brands like Morphe. Just this January he made headlines when 7000 James Charles fans promptly brought the city of Birmingham to a standstill for his 30-second public appearance. Of course, he’s long joined the club of 1+ billion collective views on YouTube and has nearly 18.8m subscribers.



Sara says she’s just a “regular girl who loves all girly related stuff“. On her channel, she posts about DIY, comedy, nail art, and everything makeup. Since joining in 2012, the YouTube beauty guru has gained over 11m subscribers and a modest 1.7billion video views. While she resides in Norway, the pretty blonde often goes traveling and shares her adventures with her fans. She’s most notoriously known for her cute & colorful nail art tutorials.


Manny Mua

Manny Gutierrez, or better known as Manny Mua on YouTube, is a self-proclaimed boy beauty vlogger. With nearly 5m YouTube subscribers who adore his tutorials, reviews, and other shenanigans happening in his life, Manny has been a VIP beauty YouTuber since first joining in 2014. We’ve previously talked about his successful collaboration with Makeup Geek, and his mission for makeup to be genderless. In 2017, Manny also became the first-ever male brand ambassador for Maybelline cosmetics and was featured in Maybelline’s “That Boss Life” campaign promoting Big Shot Mascara.


Dulce Candy

This little firecracker measuring 4’7″ (1.45m) is much more than the naked eye can see. The Mexican beauty vlogger, who grew up in California, and started making beauty videos when she served in the U.S. Army! Dulce has over 2.2m subscribers on YouTube and frequently gives fashion & beauty tips. On her second channel, DulceCandyTV, she shares her personal stories and vlogs with her family. Dulce has also published a book called The Sweet Life & collaborated with beauty brands like Pixi.



Promise Tamang Phan, known as YouTuber dope2111, started making videos as a hobby and blew up. She teaches her fans about makeup transformations – dope transformations, one may add. Promise Tamang Phan’s tutorials are mind-blowing and it’s truly fascinating to watch her turn into celebrities like Beyoncé, Disney princesses & Bratz dolls. Overall, she’s amassed a following of 5.9m+ subscribers and 1.5billion video views.


Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello is an Australian beauty YouTuber with over 2.7m subscribers. We’ve previously talked about her successful collab with Pixi alongside Dulce Candy and Weylie Hoang. On her channel, she shows practical tips and tricks to up your looks for any occasion. Also, Chloe isn’t afraid to make fun of herself & the beauty industry every now and then.


Wayne Goss

Professional makeup artist Wayne gives honest reviews and beauty tips. In his videos, Wayne shows practical step-by-step instructions to perfect any look, what to use and what to toss. With over 15 years in the makeup industry, Wayne does not shy away from calling out bad beauty trends & fads. So, for anybody fearing they’ve been using makeup all wrong these past few decades, Wayne knows just how to fix it.


Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins is a fiery Latina and self-proclaimed YouTube Ninja. Her YouTube channel has over 3.2m subscribers (+3.8m Instagram fans). She’s famously collaborated with Kim Kardashian. Aside from partnering with Lancôme, MAC, and La Mer, Desi also launched her own makeup line in collaboration with Dose Of Colors & fellow beauty influencer Katy ‘Lustrelux’ Degroot.



While her YouTube channel sounds rather dooming, Bunny Meyer is quite the opposite. Her lively personality with lots of little quirks has attracted more than 8.4m subscribers and just about 1.5 billion views on all her YouTube videos collectively. The “Swamp Queen” posts makeup tutorials, personal stories, lots of reviews, and previously collaborated with Tarte Cosmetics.



Weylie Hoang is the sister you never had and posts videos about hair, beauty, advice, and all the other bits of her life. Her 1.7m subscribers tune in regularly to hear what Weylie has to say. In 2018, Weylie became one of the pixipretties in collaboration with Pixi Cosmetics for a selection of eye makeup.



Fun-loving Andrea loves posting hacks, DIYs, hair, hairstyles, makeup, and more. Andrea is becoming more popular by the minute and her channel has over 4.4m subscribers to date. After partnering with talent agency Abrams Artists in 2018, we’re excited for the release of her cosmetics line very soon.


Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota covers pretty much anything and everything on her channel, ranging from traveling to beauty and fashion tips. Her loyal fanbase, also called motavators, has grown to over 10m subscribers and she’s just shy of passing the 1billion collective views count. While she’s dabbling more in comedy recently, she still posts routine makeup videos and gives beauty tips.


Carli Bybel

With a following of 6m+ subscribers on YouTube and half a billion video views, Carli has joined the ranks of YouTube’s beauty elite. Whether fans want to look like Marilyn Monroe or the mother of dragons, Carli’s got just what you need. However, Carli’s main focus are easy-to-do makeup styles for any occasion, like a nice lunch date or a night out. Aside from that, Carli is a vegan and enjoys her life with five adorable felines.


Christen Dominique

Christen has over 4m subscribers on YouTube and evolved quite a bit from the days when she started doing makeup videos for friends and family. Brands like L’Oreal, Sephora, and Urban Decay all spotted her makeup talent and collaborated with Christen in the past. On top of that, the beauty YouTuber is running her own makeup line Dominique Cosmetics  and the beauty community is absolutely loving it.


Jackie Aina

With nearly 3.4m YouTube subscribers, Jackie hopes to change the standard of beauty one video at a time. Her impressive makeup skills are on point – just like her stand on lots of important issues. She openly talks about skin bleaching, the pressure to wear wigs or makeup brands that aren’t inclusive enough for people with darker complexions. Plus, she just recently collaborated with TooFaced Cosmetics for a set of foundations.


Camila Coelho


Brazilian stunner Camila Coelho has not one, but two major beauty channels. Her main channel Camila Coelho with over 3.4m subscribers is in Portuguese, while her second channel with 1.3m fans is for all English-speaking folks. Beauty brand Lacôme chose Camila for their first-ever influencer collaboration to create L’Absolu Rouge, a collection of 10 limited-edition lipsticks.




Kiwi Shannon Harris got inspired by watching other beauty vloggers and ultimately made her own channel Shaaanxo. To date, Shannon has over 3.2m YouTube subscribers and 400m+ video views. Beauty brands Clinique and Smashbox have both collaborated with Shannon in the past. Besides, Shannon runs her own cruelty-free cosmetics line xoBeauty.


Lauren Curtis

Australian-native Lauren covers anything from makeup and hair tutorials to product reviews and hauls. The pretty blonde has amassed over 3.5m subscribers in a short period of time. Whether you’re looking for an easy everyday look or a touch of zombie for Halloween, Lauren’s got you covered.


Meredith Foster

LA girl Meredith is all about being confident in your own skin and loving who you are. Her cute and uplifting personality has drawn in over 4.6m loyal YouTube subscribers. She posts beauty & lifestyle videos on her self-titled channel and continues to spread positive vibes one video at a time.


Nyma Tang

Aside from her fabulous glam looks, Nyma is known for voicing her honest opinion. In her YouTube series The Darkest Shade, she puts makeup brands’ darkest foundations and concealers to the test. With over 1.1m subscribers, she is the #1 go-to beauty guru for anybody with a darker complexion. Last year, Nyma collaborated with MAC for a dreamy red lipstick.


Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is an actress & beauty YouTuber with over 3.4m YouTube subscribers. The British beauty runs her own cosmetics line and posts anything about fashion, beauty & lifestyle on her channel with lots of  DIY tutorials, favorites videos and makeup reviews.



Oddball Kathleen says she loves all things beauty. She primarily posts reviews and easy-to-follow makeup tutorials and her 4.2m subscribers on YouTube love Kathleen for her honesty and quick wits. Thanks to her popularity, brands like Colourpop, Ofra Cosmetics, Morphe & Makeup Geek all collaborated with Kathleen in the past few years.


Jenn Im


Beauty vlogger Jenn has over 2.2m subscribers on YouTube and 2.6m Instagram followers. The bubbly Korean-American beauty YouTuber shares beauty routines and stunning looks with her fans. Also, she works with several different fashion labels and cosmetics brands. In 2016, ColourPop and Jenn collaborated on a collection of lipsticks & eye shadows, which turned out to be a big success.

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