French law on influencer marketing could revolutionize influencer-brand interactions globally.

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The new legislation, implemented on June 1st, cracks down on unethical practices in the industry, particularly undisclosed partnerships, fraudulent collaborations, and risky product promotion. Aimed at protecting citizens, especially minors who form a significant portion of influencer followers, the law combines existing and new regulations. Key provisions of the law include: Clearer definitions: The law […]

The ultimate eCommerce calendar for every month in 2023!


As you plan your marketing campaigns for the year ahead, you need to have an eCommerce calendar of events to know what your customers are looking for in order to drive sales during key shopping dates throughout the year. That’s why we’ve put together a month-by-month eCommerce calendar for 2023 to help you prepare for […]

Why UGC is a powerful lever for authentic content marketing

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User-generated content (UGC) is crucial for building authentic content marketing, real connections and influencing your brand’s next generation of customers. We’ll explore the characteristics of UGC, and how it can help brands reach new audiences and drive sales thanks to added authenticity.  UGC is one of three types of content used in content marketing: brand-owned, […]

How To Make Video The Hero Of Your Content Strategy

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Video has proved to be one of the most engaging content formats around. But many brands and agencies are not getting the most out of it. If you’re yet to fully embrace video as the hero of your content strategy, you’re missing out on higher engagement rates and sales. The popularity of video content makes […]

10 Influencers To Inspire Us on World Health Day 2020

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April 7th each year marks the celebration of World Health Day – a day that brings to light many important topics and issues circling global health: mental health awareness, family care, wellness, and education on climate change.  Each year, WHO nominates a theme for World Health Day, and this year is a fitting accolade celebrating nurses and midwives. At […]

Autosave: How Gaming is Providing a Lifeline during COVID-19

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Despite the impact of COVID-19, the gaming industry keeps on playing. In last week’s blog post, we discovered that there was an impressive 75% increase in video gaming activities, according to Verizon’s report. At the same time, live-streaming platforms like Twitch also witnessed a 24% uptick in viewership, corresponding to the rise of home-confinement. The […]

Process Overhaul as Consumable Supply & Demand Critical

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Grocery shopping has been a hot topic in recent weeks, due to growing anxiety over COVID-19, many are looking for answers to this critical question: “should I start essential supply shopping to prepare for the worst?”  We have all seen the photos of empty Target aisles, lines wrapped around Trader Joe’s block, and Walmart carts […]

Facing COVID-19, E-commerce Brands Double Ad Spend


The ramifications of COVID-19 have been immense. Almost every single aspect of our lives have been affected: How we work, socialize, have fun, and shop. As a response to this new normal, brands are forced to quickly adapt.  E-commerce, naturally, has become one of the most talked-about industries: as physical interactions are limited, everything goes […]

How the Gaming Industry is Adapting Under the Impact of COVID-19

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These are unprecedented times. The significant impact of COVID-19 has shifted how our world moves: how people live and work, where businesses are heading, and how industries are adapting to change. The prompt decision to distance ourselves and quarantine left global citizens with very little alternative than to #stayinside. This is more than a movement: […]

Establishing a Content Marketing Strategy in a Niche Market

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How a content marketing strategy can help your brand stand out and attract a niche target audience. Businesses that target niche markets have to deal with a unique set of challenges. Niche markets usually have fewer opportunities and a smaller number of customers and prospects, which means that brands really need to ensure that their […]