10 Influencers To Inspire Us on World Health Day 2020

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April 7th each year marks the celebration of World Health Day – a day that brings to light many important topics and issues circling global health: mental health awareness, family care, wellness, and education on climate change. 

Each year, WHO nominates a theme for World Health Day, and this year is a fitting accolade celebrating nurses and midwives.

At Upfluence, we’d like to mark this special day by highlighting influential voices on social media who encourage and energize us by being content creators, thought leaders, and individuals who constantly bring awareness and inspiration to their communities. 

Today, we’re sharing with you some of our favorite health and wellness influencers, who day by day have shared their lives as nurses, doctors, yogis, mental-health advocates and inspiring parents with the world.

Doctor Elvis on Instagram


Bridging his musical talent and medical profession, Doctor Elvis frequently shares videos of himself singing to his 224k followers on Instagram. He also shares a lot of insights about his job, as well as his life outside of scrubs.

Nurse Blake on Instagram


Nurse Blake is a registered nurse, who frequently uses his humor to highlight the different aspects of being a nurse. His Instagram, with over 622k followers, showcases the bright side of working with patients, going through nursing school, as well as what nurses do on their days-off.

Kat R on Instagram


Kat R is a BSN, RNC-MNN Women’s Health Nurse, who also shares video talking about various medical and lifestyle topics from her perspective working in the health industry. She is a growing micro-influencer and an active mental health advocate.

Nurse Monique on Instagram


Nurse Monique is a retired ICU travel nurse, who is now a speaker, entrepreneur, and mindset coach. She is also an influencer on Instagram with 125k followers, where she gets to use her platform to spread awareness, inspire, and share her life adventures and stories.

Doctor Mike on Youtube

Doctor Mike is a doctor-slash-Youtuber with a notorious following of 5.45M subscribers on Youtube. Based in New York City, Doctor Mike shares videos of comedic skits, reviews, “Q&A” videos that address medical questions, and even topics on how he balances being a doctor and a Youtube influencer at the same time.

Mike Natter on Instagram


Mike is a doctor and artist, who creates and shares original art with his 101k followers on Instagram. His art is inspired by real-life, and often reflects life as a doctor in a light-hearted and entertaining way.

BlessingManifesting on Instagram


BlessingManifesting is a self-care blogger who is most known for her mental health advocacy. She frequently shares original artworks including self-care checklists, motivational drawings, and thought-provoking discussions around mental health topics.

Maris Degener on Instagram


Maris is a yoga teacher and influencer (who is also offering virtual classes during this time!). Besides posts on yoga and exercising, Maris is also a mental health advocate who frequently shares books on self-care, wellness topics, and debunking unhealthy dietary subjects with her 66k followers.

Team Body Project on Instagram


Team Body Project is a fitness Instagram account founded by Daniel and Alexandra. They share realistic workout plans and wellness tips and even offer a specific plan for their senior audience.

Knox Frost on Instagram



And finally, something a little different.  The World Health Organization has teamed up with this popular CGI influencer named Knox Frost to help spread safe COVID-19 practices and encourage donations.  Frost is known as a ‘virtual influencer’, he’s a completely digital personality on social media who personifies a typical 20-year-old guy from Atlanta.


This list of inspiring influencers is in no way exhaustive; there are thousands more health and wellness influencers to explore on Upfluence. We’d like to celebrate each person who makes the world a healthier and safer place for all of us. Happy World Health Day!


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