Social Commerce: The Biggest Benefits for Business

social commerce

Social commerce is rapidly becoming a lucrative new revenue channel for eCommerce businesses. Leveraging your brand’s social media presence to promote products and generate sales natively within social apps brings significant benefits. Not only is social commerce a complimentary source of income for businesses, it also brings a new dimension to selling online. Social media […]

Improve Your Customers’ Online Shopping Experience in 5 Steps

consumer experience

In the age of eCommerce and the rise of new technologies, the customer journey has changed dramatically, especially for online shopping. Now that consumers can shop online wherever and whenever they want, brands face a new challenge in providing a high-quality online brand experience for their customers. How can brands build trust and loyalty with […]

The Omnichannel Marketing Playbook for eCommerce Brands

omnichannel marketing

For successful eCommerce businesses selling exclusively via an online website is no longer an option. Driving long-term growth relies on merchants’ ability to reach their customers across multiple channels. Customers aren’t simply shopping ‘online’ or ‘offline’, there are a variety of touchpoints in between where sales can be made. People interact with brands online, via […]

7 Ways Technology Will Improve Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

ecommerce marketing

In the age of online selling, it makes sense for your eCommerce marketing strategy to focus on digital channels like web, mobile and social media to reach your customers. In 2021, a robust eCommerce strategy needs to be digitally agile. This means it’s time to level up your marketing strategy by embracing the latest marketing […]