How Lyle’s Golden Syrup generated +2.5M impressions through 12 creator collaborations

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Read how Lyle's Golden Syrup generated +2.5M impressions through 12 creator collaborations.
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Upfluence helped Lyle's Golden Syrup generate +2.5M impressions through 12 creator collaborations

Lyle’s Golden Syrup is the preferred golden syrup of many home cooks and baking enthusiasts. The brand turned to Upfluence to help them build a bigger online presence through a seasonal Halloween-themed influencer marketing campaign. 

The Challenge

  • Strengthen Brand Identity

Lyle’s Golden Syrup aimed to strengthen its online branding. Through its social media presence, Lyle’s Golden Syrup can drive brand awareness, capture customers’ interest, and grow loyalty.

  • Diversify Their Content Library

Lyle’s Golden Syrup has a high demand for authentic, creative, and relevant user-generated content surrounding their syrup product. They need to effectively translate their offline branding into a fresh online portfolio.


The Solution

  • Global Reach

From millions of influencers in the database, Upfluence and Lyle’s Golden Syrup sourced 12 influencers from Instagram and YouTube, with a collective audience of nearly 1.2M prospective customers.

  • Precise Targeting

Upfluence helped Lyle’s Golden Syrup target men and women between the age of 21 – 31, located in the UK. With a particular focus on baking enthusiasts & lifestyle influencers.

  • Content Production

With a unique focus on Halloween, influencers were able to create fun, engaging, & timely content. Lyle’s Golden Syrup repurposed influencers’ content for their social media and website.


The Results

Positive Impact

Lyle’s Golden Syrup successfully used baking and lifestyle influencers for their Halloween campaign. 10 influencers from Instagram and 2 from YouTube generated close to 2K clicks to Lyle’s Golden Syrup’s website.

While baking and foodie influencers are Lyle’s Golden Syrup’s main target, they also included lifestyle influencers with a focus on family and creativity.

Their Halloween influencer campaign was highly successful, with 2.5M impressions, 2M reach, and 128K engagements on Instagram alone. The campaign also witnessed close to 4K saved pieces of content on Instagram.

With the influencers’ content ownership approval, Lyle’s Golden Syrup was able to enrich their content library with delightful treat recipes and high-quality creatives. They were also able to repurpose this content for future marketing initiatives (newsletter, ads, etc.)

Instagram Results

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YouTube Results

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