How-To Guide: Influencer Whitelisting for Instagram and Facebook

influencer whitelisting

Are you ready to start getting more value from your influencer marketing campaigns? Influencer whitelisting is a strategy with many benefits, promising even greater reach and better-performing social ads run via your influencer’s social account. In this how-to guide we’ll explore the steps to running whitelisted ads on Instagram and Facebook.  What is influencer whitelisting? […]

Whitelisting Influencer Content – How to reuse IGC in paid media

influencer whitelisting

An important way for brands to boost the results from their influencer marketing investment is to repurpose and amplify influencer-generated content (IGC) through influencer whitelisting. Make your influencer content work harder for you by delivering results beyond the initial influencer marketing campaign. Choosing your best pieces of influencer content and boosting it with ad spend […]

Repurposing influencer content: a how-to guide

repurposing influencer content

Repurposing influencer-generated content (IGC) within your content marketing and paid media strategies helps you to boost campaign longevity, increase the ROI of your original investment in influencer marketing and reach targeted audiences. Repurposing influencer content shouldn’t be an afterthought that’s tagged onto the end of your influencer campaign. In order to get the best results […]

5 steps to amplifying influencer content with paid media

amplifying influencer content

After investing time and effort into running impactful influencer marketing campaigns, it’s only natural that you want to get the most bang for your buck. Amplifying influencer content with paid media is an effective way to maximize the reach and conversions generated by your influencer campaigns. Integrating influencer-generated content (IGC) into your digital advertising strategy […]

Optimizing ad control by whitelisting influencer content

Repurposing influencer content as part of your social ads strategy brings new opportunities to drive sales! Whitelisting influencer content is a simple strategy allowing brands to run social media ads featuring influencer-generated content that are published via the influencer’s profile. The brand gets to control all aspects of the ad, from the audience, call to […]

Top tips for maximizing influencer impact with paid ads

Are you getting the most value from your creators’ best content? With a variety of head-scratching algorithms at play, even the most engaging influencer posts have a limited lifespan. The typical Instagram post is relevant for 48 hours, Stories last 24 hours and Facebook post engagements dwindle after a mere 5 hours. With this in […]

Influencer content whitelisting: everything you need to get started

influencer content whitelisting

Influencer whitelisting is your brand’s number one strategy for improving your paid social ad campaigns thanks to influencer-generated content (IGC). You have already seen the high engagement generated by IGC in your influencer campaigns, so it makes sense to consider how you can repurpose this high-quality content to serve your marketing goals elsewhere.  Put simply, […]

Influencer whitelisting benefits for brands & creators

Influencer whitelisting benefits

After investing time, money, and resources into an influencer marketing campaign, you want to see the best results possible. Influencer-generated content (IGC) can continue to serve your brand beyond the allotted campaign period when it’s repurposed and amplified through additional channels. One of the most effective ways to continue reaching new audiences and driving conversions […]