The best alternative to Famebit for YouTube Influencer Marketing

Hire the best YouTube influencers for your brand & run better campaigns with data-driven technology.


Search through the most relevant YouTubers

_Access an extensive of relevant influencers on YouTube. Filter your search by audience size, demographics, engagement rate, and more to find influencers in line with your target audience & campaign goals.

_Go even further with AI powered recommendations to discover more influencers.


Select the right YouTubers for your campaigns

_Gain insights into a YouTuber’s performance by analyzing audience size, engagement rates, posting habits and more.

 _Select influencers you are interested in just one click, then find them all in your IRM dashboard to easily build lists and get your campaigns started.


Streamline your campaigns

_Create campaign briefs, contact YouTubers at scale, & negotiate payment terms all within the same platform.

_Run multiple campaigns at once and collaborate with your team to boost productivity. Manage your workflow effectively & keep track of all of your influencers with our integrated IRM tool.


Measure your success

_Analyze which influencers rake in the most views and clicks with individual tracking links to your website or specific posts. Have a clear overview of your total clicks & views, calculate your click-through rate and easily download all results.

 _Our real-time statistics show you calculations of your ROI, total earned media value, impressions, reach as well as a summary of engagements.

Our in-house experts will help you

Upfluence isn’t just an amazing software, our professional services team of marketing experts will gladly take care of your campaigns for you! Establish marketing goals, tell your brand story with compelling content & stay informed about the progress every step of the way.