Kolsquare vs Upfluence

E-commerce & direct-to-consumer brands: drive sales from your most influential customers

With Upfluence, scale your sales effortlessly with a powerful and automated tool.

Identify influencers in your own audience: website traffic, customers and followers. Connect to your Shopify store or Klaviyo database and enrich your data with Upfluence insights.

alternative to kolsquare

1-click integration with your daily tools

_Your CMS: Shopify, Magento, and all others.

_Your mailing system: Gmail, Klaviyo, and all others.

_Your affiliation management platform: Refersion, Impact, and all others.

_Integrate seamlessly with all your daily tools.

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Organic influencer activation

_Your own fans are 7x more likely to accept a collaboration with your brand and 50% cheaper in case of paid collaboration, identify the most influential people whithin your own network of visitors, customers and followers.

_Match your Klaviyo and Shopify databases with Upfluence and get valuable insight directly in your daily tools. Take better decisions.

Flexible IRM & Workflow

_Upfluence has a flexible and customizable Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tool where you find all your network and can activate all cohorts properly and easily.

 _Adapt your workflow to your needs. Sampling, affiliation, organic influencer activation, build all your programs in minutes.

_Send bulk emails based on personalized templates to scale . 

Influencer audience insights

_Analyze your influencers with more than 20 data points. 

 _Get socio-demographic insights, performance indicators on engagement of their content and analysis of their audience to take better decisions.

Our in-house experts will help you

Upfluence isn’t just an amazing software, our professional services team of marketing experts will gladly help you get the better of Upfluence platform!