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Fragrance Industry | Personal Care


Influencer Search & Selection | Shopify & Klaviyo Integrations | Outreach and Activation

Campaign KPIs:

Drive Conversions | Generate Sales | Brand Reach

Integrations: Atfluence integrations_Upfluence_Shopify_Klaviyo_Refersion

The Challenge:

Atfluence was seeking to help their client find innovative ways to achieve growth by incorporating influencer marketing and an efficient affiliate program as a key lever in their campaign while minimizing costs and efforts. 

This campaign required a streamlined approach that called for integration capabilities that would uncover and onboard traditional influencers as well as organic influential customers while revealing their purchase history and brand loyalty. Atfluence needed to manage multiple campaigns and digital assets simultaneously, track conversions, and deliver deep performance analytics.

The Solution:

Using Upfluence and key software integrations, Atfluence conducted influencer discovery and audience analysis, diving into integrated platform datasets to uncover organic influential customers and influencers and activating them with discount codes and affiliate links.

A Key Discovery:

When Atfluence explored their client’s integrated datasets in Klaviyo and Shopify, they discovered influential customers ranging from Nano (1K – 5K followers) to hidden gem Mega & Celebrity influencers (500K – 3M+ followers).

The Results:


Increase in sales revenue


Increase in influencer response rate


It’s amazing! The amount of time we’re saving by using Upfluence to connect our client’s platforms, like Klaviyo and Shopify, to a single tool and pulling out influential gems from our customer’s client lists is staggering! 

Doug Hill | Partner @ The Atfluence Agency


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