Content Marketing: How Sopra Steria Published 168 Content Pieces in 12 Months

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Sopra Steria Published 168 Content Pieces in 12 Months.

The content targeted professionals and experts in IT security and digital transformation. Prior to producing the pieces, Upfluence conducted a content audit of Sopra’s 10 main competitors. This audit included weaknesses and strengths of each company, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and of course, actionable recommendations.

What will this case study teach you?

You’ve probably heard of Native Advertising and its supposedly incomparable results, but what does a good Native Ads Campaign look like when paired with strong Content Marketing?

Discover every step of this Content Marketing Campaign: From designing the content strategy, to producing the content pieces, distributing them through different networks and building the campaign final report.

What you’ll get out of it:

1. The proper way to define your content strategy.

What should you begin with? How can you efficiently plan your content production? When should you publish your content and where?

2. A budget example.

How much should you pay for sponsored content on the blogs you’ve identified? What are the metrics that let you determine the price of an influencer and your overall budget?

3. What published content will look like.

How can you make your content appealing and engaging with your audience? …especially when it pertains to very technical topics. How do you explain a complex idea with a design? See examples of content from this campaign.

4. The Social Media Boost you’ll get from your campaigns.

Once your content is published, you can amplify it across social media to make sure you get the most impressions possible. This case study contains examples of amplified articles.

5. The results.

How do you track results overtime when organic views come into play? How do you calculate ROI? Know what to expect from content marketing with the success metrics in this report.


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