Dagobear – A Fashion Sampling Campaign

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How Dagobear used an Influencer Sampling Campaign to promote their line of menswear and accessories on Instagram.

In order to promote their products and increase brand recognition, Dagobear chose to target young Instagram micro-influencers based in France who loved fashion and lifestyle. Upfluence’s specialists then helped them find the right influencers for the job and execute a successful sampling campaign.

What will this case study teach you?

Sampling can have incredible ROI if you do it right but what does a good sampling campaign actually look like?  How many influencers do you need? What results can be expected? Know what to expect from influencer marketing with an insider look at the content produced and the metrics from this case study.

What you’ll get out of it:

1. The proper way to define your objectives.

What demographic do you want to reach? Which blogs are most likely to engage that audience? How many articles do you want published? This study gives insights into how to successfully define your objectives and carry out a targeted campaign.

2. What published articles will look like.

There is no limit to your creativity here but this case study gives you examples of what was achieved by Dagobear when paired with the right influencers.

3. A budget example.

How many Influencers does it take the launch a campaign? What are the metrics that let you determine the price of an influencer and your overall budget? Learn about influencer budgeting in this report.


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