How Upfluence helped a client in the dietary supplement industry generate $440K+ sales in just 5 months

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Influencer Marketing Platform » Dietary Industry » How Upfluence helped a client in the dietary supplement industry generate $440K+ sales in just 5 months
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Read how Upfluence helped this anonymous client from the Dietary Industry reach $440K in Sales through engaging content from hand-selected influencers.
Supplement Industry
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$3K daily sales for 5 months - Our Client journey from zero to $440K+

This client is a health and fitness company producing nutritional supplements and products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They manage campaigns from start to finish, including influencer identification, content creation, affiliate campaigns and ROI analysis.

Their Need

Experiencing issues with GRIN, another Influencer Marketing solution, they came to Upfluence for a long-term and fullintegrated solution to streamline and scale their Affiliate Influencer Marketing Programs.

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The Solution

By integrating their Shopify store with Upfluence, the company was able to create affiliation programs to generate sales.


Month 1 - Onboarding & Campaign Set-up
  • Partnership start
  • Onboarding process
  • Set up for success
  • Stack integration
Month 2 - Building a thriving creator community
  • Influencer matching
  • Creator outreach
  • Creator application
  • Product shipment
Month 2-6 - Generating sales & iterative process
  • Affiliation set-up
  • Influencer payment
  • Sales & ROI tracking
  • Iterative process
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Month 1

Onboarding & Campaign Set-up

Streamlined onboarding process

  • 2 sessions with a CSM to dive into campaign needs
  • Full support available for any technical requests

Set-up for success

  • Hands on support for the set up of the first campaign
  • Emails and brief templates provided for further needs

Seamless stack integration

  • Gmail integration to reach out to influencers
  • Shopify and Klaviyo integrations for affiliation set up
  • PayPal integration to remunerate content creators

Month 2

Building a Thriving Creator Community

4K influencers indentified & contacted

  • More than 25% were customers identified as content creators
  • Shopify integration allows for matching new influential customers continuously

1,2K+ influencer responses

  • A 30% response rate showing an incredible interest for influencers to join the partnership
  • Influencers are 2x more likely to work with brands they already purchase

197 influencer applications

  • About 200 creators applied for the with a performance based payment only (no fixed fee)
  • Generating 24 orders for a total worth of $2,2K sales per content creator, on average
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Month 2-6

Generating sales & iterative process

Product shipment

  • Influencers picked a product in real-time from Shopify store inventory and provided their delivery details
  • One-click orders shipment to their designated address

Affiliation set-up

  • Seamlessly generated promo codes to track sales from influencers
  • Affiliation model set-up to compensate influencers, based on their sales 

The Results

Granular tracking, leading to a positive ROI in 3 months

ROI tracking

  • Tracking of individual influencer performances inside Upfluence Software
  • Real-time reports allowing ROI-driven decisions at different levels (per campaign, per influencer…)

Iterative process and continuous ROI improvement

  • Renewed partnerships with best performers and stopped collaborating with bad performers
  • Best practice implementation thanks to Upfluence’s detailed reporting insights
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