Ricola Launches in Thailand with Influencer Event

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Discover the ‘behind the scenes’ metrics from Ricola’s influencer launch event in Thailand.

To create brand visibility in a new market, Ricola opted for a Influencer event with some of Thailand’s top influencers. Upfluence’s specialists helped them find the right influencers for the job and amplify the unique experience with a native advertising campaign.

What will this case study teach you?

What better way to break into a new market than hosting a launch event with local influencers? Get an exclusive look at the PR revolution as you follow the campaign from its preliminary planning stages all the way to the final metrics.  After reading this case study, you’ll know what to expect from influencer marketing and native campaigns.

What you’ll get out of it:

1. The proper way to define your objectives.

What demographic do you want to reach? Which blogs are most likely to engage that audience? How many articles do you want published? This study gives insights into how to successfully define your objectives and carry out a targeted campaign.

2. What published articles will look like.

There is no limit to your creativity here but this case study gives you examples of what was achieved by Ricola when paired with the right influencers. 

3. The results achieved.

How much engagement can an influencer event produce? What does native advertising look like in practice? A detailed account of the global performances in this case study will show you the funnel: from impressions to clicks.


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