Cost Per Sale (CPS)

The Basics of Cost Per Sale (CPS) in Influencer Marketing


In the realm of influencer marketing, various terms and expressions define the landscape. This glossary entry will shed light on the concept of Cost Per Sale (CPS), its applications, and how it fits into the broader influencer marketing ecosystem. Let’s delve into what CPS means, where it is used, when it is most effective, how to leverage it, and why it is essential for businesses seeking revenue growth.

What is it?

Cost Per Sale (CPS) is a performance-based fee structure employed in influencer marketing. Under this model, businesses pay influencers a commission or share a portion of the revenue generated through their promotional efforts. Influencers receive compensation only when their efforts result in a successful sale. CPS aligns the interests of businesses and influencers, as both parties benefit from increased conversions and revenue.

Where is it used?

CPS is predominantly utilized in the e-commerce industry, where businesses leverage influencer marketing to drive online sales. This revenue-sharing model allows businesses to expand their reach by leveraging the influence and credibility of social media personalities.

When to use it?

CPS is an ideal approach when businesses aim to directly attribute sales to specific influencer campaigns. This model ensures that businesses only pay for tangible results, making it a popular choice for brands seeking a measurable return on investment (ROI). By utilizing CPS, businesses can leverage influencer relationships to drive revenue growth and achieve cost-efficiency.

How to use it?

To implement CPS effectively, businesses need to collaborate closely with influencers to set clear sales targets and establish a commission structure. It is crucial to select influencers whose target audience aligns with the brand’s target market, ensuring higher conversion rates. Businesses also need to provide influencers with unique tracking links or coupon codes to attribute sales accurately. Comprehensive tracking and reporting systems are essential for analyzing campaign performance and calculating influencer commissions.

Why do we need it?

Cost Per Sale (CPS) provides businesses with a means to drive revenue growth while minimizing marketing costs. By tying influencer compensation directly to sales, CPS encourages influencers to prioritize the promotion of products or services that drive actual purchases. This performance-driven model increases accountability, as both businesses and influencers share the incentive to achieve sales goals. CPS allows businesses to track the effectiveness of their influencer campaigns, make data-driven decisions, and optimize future marketing strategies.


Cost Per Sale (CPS) is a valuable approach within the influencer marketing industry, allowing businesses to drive revenue growth through a performance-based fee structure. By aligning the interests of brands and influencers, CPS ensures that compensation is directly linked to successful sales. Leveraging CPS, businesses can establish measurable ROI, optimize influencer campaigns, and forge stronger relationships with influential partners in their respective industries. Embracing this revenue-sharing model can unlock the potential for significant revenue streams for businesses seeking growth and sustainability.



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