Pay Per Lead (PPL)


In the world of influencer marketing, Pay Per Lead (PPL) is a widely used term. This glossary item will delve into the concept of PPL, its applications, timing, utilization, and the importance of this pricing model in lead generation. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of PPL and how it can benefit your influencer marketing campaigns.

What is Pay Per Lead (PPL)?

Pay Per Lead (PPL) is a pricing model where advertisers compensate influencers based on the number of leads generated. In this arrangement, a lead refers to a potential customer who has shown interest, provided contact information, or taken a specific action that signals their intent to engage further with the brand.

Where is it used?

Pay Per Lead (PPL) is commonly used in influencer marketing campaigns where the primary objective is lead generation. It is particularly effective for businesses that aim to capture qualified leads and build a robust customer database.

When to use it?

Pay Per Lead (PPL) is an ideal pricing model when businesses want to align the compensation of influencers directly with the outcome they desire – generating leads. This model is highly suitable for brands looking to increase their customer base, expand their reach, and drive conversions.

How to use it?

To implement Pay Per Lead (PPL), businesses need to work closely with influencers and set clear guidelines regarding the lead acquisition process. This includes defining what qualifies as a lead, establishing specific lead acquisition goals, and determining the compensation structure.

Why do we need it?

Pay Per Lead (PPL) offers several key advantages for influencer marketing campaigns. Firstly, it provides a direct link between the compensation of influencers and the performance of the campaign, ensuring a fair and transparent partnership. Secondly, this model incentivizes influencers to focus on driving quality leads, improving the overall conversion rate. Lastly, PPL allows businesses to track the effectiveness and ROI of their influencer marketing efforts accurately.


Pay Per Lead (PPL) is a performance-based pricing model that enables businesses to achieve their lead generation objectives through influencer marketing. By compensating influencers based on the number and quality of leads generated, PPL aligns the interests of both parties and contributes to the success of a campaign. Incorporating PPL into your influencer marketing strategy can enhance your brand’s reach, increase customer engagement, and drive meaningful conversions.


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