Two-Tier Affiliate Program


In influencer marketing and affiliate programs, it’s important to understand key industry terms like two-tier affiliate program. This explores what it is, where it’s used, when to use it, how to implement it, and why it’s essential.

What is it?

A two-tier affiliate program rewards affiliates not only for their own sales, but also for sales generated by affiliates they refer to the program. Affiliates earn commissions from direct efforts and for recruiting/nurturing sub-affiliates.

Where is it used?

Two-tier affiliate programs are commonly used in influencer marketing. Brands utilize this commission structure to incentivize influencers to drive their own sales and attract other influencers.

When to use it?

Organizations use two-tier programs when they want to expand reach and increase sales through influencer networks. It helps tap into different audiences by recruiting sub-affiliates.

How to use it?

To implement it successfully:

  • Establish clear guidelines and an enticing commission structure
  • Reward original affiliates and referred sub-affiliates
  • Set up a user-friendly dashboard to track earnings and performance

Why do we need it?

Two-tier programs:

  • Allow tapping into influencer networks to reach wider audiences
  • Encourage affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates, expanding reach exponentially
  • Incentivize affiliates to take interest in sub-affiliates’ success
  • Build an engaged and motivated affiliate network


A two-tier affiliate program is a powerful influencer marketing tool to expand reach, increase sales, and build an engaged affiliate network. By offering commissions for direct and referred sales, companies can leverage influencer networks for success.


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