Everything you should know about Influencer Types, Platforms & Engagement in 2019

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Everything you should know about Influencer Types, Platforms & Engagement in 2019

Upfluence studied nearly 800K influencers across four major social media platforms to provide you with insights and results backed by data. Learn about the differences in engagement rates among countries, genders, languages, and the different types of influencers.

What you will get out of it:

1. Engagement rate analysis

What is the distribution of influencers on social media? What are their engagement rates? Discover which influencer types generate the highest engagement rates on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

2. Engagement across the globe

Is there a difference in engagement rates per country? Yes, you’d be surprised! Find out which countries and languages generate the highest engagement rates worldwide.

3. Persona profiles

Get a detailed overview of the different types of influencers with fewer than 15K followers to up to 1M followers, including illustrative examples and engagement rates. Learn which influencer type best fits your brand and where to find them on social media.


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