Connect:Collab:Create – Using Integrations to Amplify Influencer Marketing Strategies

With Klaviyo & Atfluence. Using Integrations to Amplify Influencer Marketing Strategies.

Understanding the power of connecting the tools you use within your influencer marketing strategy is key to a seamless and optimized influencer campaign.
We explore how to get value out of the information that surfaces when your business systems talk to each other, plus how to use this newfound insight to optimize every aspect of your influencer marketing process.

We were joined by Sydney Braithwaite, Principle Customer Success Manager at Klaviyo, and Doug Hill, from Atfluence, who are boosting influencer search and collaboration for some of the biggest names in entertainment, with Dolly Parton, Cher and so many more!

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Meet the speakers!

Sydney Braithwaite Doug Hill Adam Shapiro
Sydney Braithwaite

Principal Customer Success Manager at Klaviyo

Doug Hill

Partner at The Atfluence

Adam Shapiro

Head of Strategic Partnerships at Upfluence