Social Commerce: The Future of Selling Online

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Discover the future of selling online! 

Social commerce is rapidly becoming a lucrative new revenue channel for eCommerce businesses. Purchasing behavior has changed, and customers are demanding faster and more convenient ways to buy what they want and when they want it. In this webinar, we dive into the future of selling online and the evolving pathway to purchase to help you uncover and action a seamless shopping experience that better converts shoppers into customers. Leveraging your brand’s social media presence to promote products and generate sales natively within social apps brings significant benefits, such as reaching new audiences, connecting better with your customers, and fostering authenticity in brand interactions. Check out the benefits of selling via social media for your business.

The ability to leverage social media and its innovative commerce features is helping brands find new ways to drive sales and influence purchase decisions. In recent months we’ve seen brick-and-mortar stores pivot to become eCommerce brands, and now we’re seeing eCommerce brands pivoting again to incorporate social commerce in their marketing strategies. Embracing social commerce is a must for brands who need to stay ahead of new technological advances and new consumer preferences.

We’re joined by Lauren Taulbee, Head Social Media Coordinator at Amoretti

What will you learn?

_How the industry will continue to grow
_How the multiplication of influencer types has impacted the industry
_Why authenticity should be at the core of your process
_Why long-term partnerships will give you better sales results
_How AI & data will play a major role in influencer marketing
_Why video is THE content format of the future

Meet the speakers!

Paul KahnLauren Taulbee, Head Social Media Coordinator at Amoretti

Paul Kahn

SVP Sales at Upfluence

Lauren Taulbee

Head Social Media Coordinator

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