Connect:Collab:Create – Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy & Implementation

With Tiege Hanley. Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy & Implementation.

Explore the key steps to a successful influencer marketing campaign with our panel of experts who showcased how to identify and analyze potential influencers, initiate conversations, negotiate partnerships, and monitor ROI, as well as take you through the tools that can streamline this process.

Joshua Weidling, Influencer and Social Media Marketing Manager at Tiege Hanley, discussed his insights and tips for successful influencer campaign planning.

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Meet the speakers!

Joshua Weidling Paul Kahn Adam Shapiro
Joshua Weidling

Influencer and Social Media Manager at Tiege Hanley

Paul Kahn

Senior VP Sales at Upfluence

Adam Shapiro

Head of Strategic Partnerships at Upfluence