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Outdoor Footwear


Influencer Search and Selection | Outreach

Campaign KPIs:

Drive Visibility | Engagement | User Generated Content | Brand Reach | Sales


KEEN Footwear, an industry-leading outdoor lifestyle brand, wanted to increase online sales and spread brand awareness through a focused influencer marketing strategy. 


Upfluence sourced highly aligned Instagram content creators from within the Upfluence database of +4M influencers as well as searching KEEN’s social followers. The campaign focused on outdoor-loving adventurers who reviewed and featured KEEN Footwear’s signature shoe through feed posts and stories that featured swipe-ups.


The results of Upfluence’s campaign for KEEN were very impressive and indicative of how engaging the influencers Upfluence sourced were. They created content beyond expectation and truly showcased the values of the brand while generating significant audience engagement.


Audience Reach



Surpassing content creation goals by +30%, Upfluence was able to help KEEN reach a +29% larger audience than expected.


Sending my gratitude as Upfluence was truly one of the best influencer partners we have worked with! | SYZYGY (Marketing Agency)


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